Interested in adding some Halloween fun to your farming business? Take a look at Insight Dairy in Little Falls, NY, to get some great ideas for hosting a successful event.

Insight Dairy, a 2,300 head dairy and crop farm, has been offering “Trunk or Treat” for six years. Despite some chilly wind and the threat of rain, over 1,800 people visited the farm Oct. 21 to learn about dairy farming and get some yummy treats in a two-hour time period.

Twenty-nine trunk participants offered a variety of candy and other goodies. “Farmer Jess” Hula-Fredricks said a mix of local businesses along with family and friends participated to offer treats for the trick or treaters.

In addition to all the candy, visitors were treated to mini pumpkins, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese curds, chocolate milk, ice cream cones and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies, all at no cost.

Other activities included a giant corn box, a guided tour of the farm on a hay wagon, making butter with Herkimer County 4-H’ers and a DJ playing Halloween music.

Trunk or treat a strong agritourism draw

In addition to traditional Halloween sweet treats, visitors to the dairy were able to sample locally made cheese curds. Photo by Joan Kark-Wren

Visitors to the farm had the opportunity to learn more about the dairy industry through many well-placed signs throughout the farm. Insight Dairy uses a rotary parlor, and visitors were able to see the carousel in action during the event. The farm also has a donor cow named Custody who was on display with a large sign explaining how she can donate rumen microbes to other cows in the herd through the cannula in her side.

A lot of thought and planning goes into making this an educational and fun event for all who attend.

Insight Dairy LLC is owned by Chris Fredericks and Jessica Hula-Fredericks. Visit Insight Dairy LLC on Facebook to learn more.

by Joan Kark-Wren