by Elizabeth A. Tomlin
May 16 was a day Phil, Annie and P. J. Trowbridge of Trowbridge Angus Farm in Ghent, NY, will remember for years to come.
“Certified Angus Beef is celebrating 40 years of being in the business,” explained Annie Trowbridge. “So they selected 40 farms across the country to paint their logo and we were barn number 13.”
Certified Angus Beef operates as a not-for-profit subsidiary of American Angus Association.
“To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Certified Angus Beef brand, we decided to go BIG — as big as a barn!” commented Nicole Erceg, Producer Communications Specialist with Certified Angus Beef LLC.
Erceg says the brand originated in mid-70s as an idea developed by Angus breeders, with the first pound sold in 1978.
“For the 40th Anniversary it only seemed fitting that we headed back to our roots — both the origin of the idea and leadership of the brand in its beginnings — but also where every pound of beef that sells under the brand starts today; the Angus ranch.”
Farms and ranches took part in a nomination process in the autumn of 2017, after which 40 barns were officially selected for the special celebration. Painting of selected barns began in January.
“Trowbridge Angus is our only barn in the state of New York,” reported Erceg. “Phil and his family are longtime partners of the brand. They have been wonderful hosts for numerous events over the years and we truly enjoy working with the Trowbridge family.”
“It was a great day,” remarked Phil. “There are 30,000-40,000 Angus breeders across the country, we were fortunate to be one of the farms that were selected. We’re very proud of this.”