by Robert Groom

The third of some quickly-arranged junior shows took place on Saturday, July 18 at Carl Hinkle’s New Penn Farm in Truxton, NY. Jeanetta and Kevin Laudermilk organized the site into beautiful condition and set up for the event.

A total of 41 juniors and 51 head of cattle participated in showmanship, three breed shows, a commercial division and a steer show. All divisions demonstrated great depth of quality and competition, and were ably judged by Mike Sinon.

Showmanship featured a class of five Pee Wee showmen who set the pace for the day, in a competitive class with no helpers at all. They got their animals into position and around the ring for the judge to evaluate. Champion Pee Wee was Tiffany Shults of Canajoharie; reserve was Jacob McCall of McGraw.

Eleven Junior showmen were split into two classes. The judge brought back three from the first and four from the second. Champion Sally Brown of Horseheads and reserve Carter DerSarkissian of Gasport both came from the second class.

The 17 Intermediates split into perhaps the most competitive division of the day. In the first split, four were placed to return for the final drive. In the second split, another four separated themselves from the group to return. With eight in the final drive it was Kaitlyn Broughton of Silver Springs who was named champion; reserve winner was Evie Groom.

A final class of eight Senior showmen competed in a hard-fought battle, with them being placed and then reordered several times to get to a final placing. In the end, Chase Gerhardt of East Aurora took the senior title and Ben Kron of Alden took reserve.

Into the final drive for Master showman went the champions and reserves from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions. Emerging victorious was Kaitlyn Broughton, with Chase Gerhardt as reserve.

After a lunch break came the steer show. First in was a feeder calf class from which Jacob Brayman of Skaneateles emerged as champion, followed by Taylor Pallokat of Union Springs as reserve.

There was a set of highly competitive steers broken into three weight divisions. In the lightweight class (steers weighing up to 1,210 pounds), both the champion “Nutter Butter” and the reserve “Black Jack” came from Ben Kron of Alden.

In the medium weight division (1,250 to 1,270 pounds) were five steers. Leading this division was Kaitlyn Broughton’s “Boomer,” with Shannon Brown’s “Rico” following for reserve.

In the heavyweight class (over 1,300 pounds) was another competitive class, led by Chase Gerhardt’s “Buddy Jr.” followed closely by reserve “Pookie,” from Sally Brown of Horseheads.

The final drive was another hard-fought affair, with Kaitlyn Broughton’s “Boomer” named champion. For the second time in this series of three shows, Chase Gerhardt had to be content with reserve for his steer “Buddy Jr.”

The breed show featured Angus, Simmental, AOB and Commercial sections. Leading the Angus breed was Addy Tommell of Fonda with her powerful junior yearling heifer “PVF Blackbird 9101.” She followed this up with the reserve prize with a January junior yearling, “PVF Blackbird 9011.”

In the Simmental breed it was Sierra Brown’s senior yearling “Simme Valley Flirty” taking the champion trophy; reserve went to Annika Donlick with the cow/calf pair of “Simme Valley French” with her heifer calf “SV Hi-Anna,” who had previously won a competitive junior calf class.

The AOB division had lower numbers but excellent quality throughout. Once again it was Kaitlyn Broughton’s Shorthorn junior yearling “Hill Haven Pretty Rose” that caught the judge’s attention for Champion AOB. The SimSolution heifer “Hartland Opal” from Hayley Murphy of Little Marsh, PA, got the call for reserve.

A smaller Commercial division saw Aubrey Gerhardt’s blue roan heifer “Calypso” rise to the top, with her sister Brooke Gerhardt getting the reserve spot with “Tiki.”

A high quality final drive once again – and for the third time in succession – found Kaitlyn Broughton’s much-admired Shorthorn heifer carrying all before her. Reserve Supreme went to Addy Tommell’s Angus Champion.

Congratulations to all the junior exhibitors for supporting these shows, and thanks to their parents and supporters for making the sacrifices to support them.

We want to sincerely thank all our generous donors and sponsors for supporting these shows. It would have been impossible without you.