The 104th PA Farm Show’s beef makes historyHARRISBURG, PA — Kaitlin Bell of Chester County, makes history as the first person to win Beef Cattle Supreme in both the heifer and the bull categories at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Kaitlin also had the honor of both the heifer and bull winner to be bred and owned on her own family farm. Through awards and activities, she has received a full ride to the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University.

The Grand Champion Bull and Heifer from each breed were selected to compete for the title of Beef Cattle Supreme.

Other Beef Cattle Supreme Show competitors were:

Hereford Grand Champion Heifer – Jay Allen of Butler County

Limousin Grand Champion Heifer – Austin Miller of Butler County

Maine Anjou Grand Champion Heifer – Jackson Mattocks of Crawford County

Mainetainer Grand Champion Heifer – Wise Cattle Co. of Jefferson County

Shorthorn Grand Champion Heifer – Ben Allen of Butler County

Sim-Angus/Sim-Solutions Grand Champion Heifer – McKenzie Stadmiller of Armstrong County

Simmental Grand Champion Heifer – Brielle Karns of Butler County

All Other Breeds Grand Champion Heifer – Ethan Timer of Berks County

Hereford Grand Champion Bull – Mason Guyer of Bedford County

Limousin Grand Champion Bull – Shane Clark of Lawrence County

Maine Anjou Grand Champion Bull – Ryan Mattocks of Crawford County

Mainetainer Grand Champion Bull – Josh Schmidt of Crawford County

Shorthorn Grand Champion Bull – Adam Ross of Centre County

Simmental Grand Champion Bull – Isabella Haley of Monroe County

Sim-Angus/Sim-Solutions Grand Champion Bull – Campbell Laud and Cattle of Greene County

All Other Breeds Grand Champion Bull – Sadie Compagnola of Northampton County

With the largest fed-cattle industry in the world, the United States is the world’s largest producer of beef, primarily high-quality, grain-fed beef for domestic and export use. Pennsylvania is the top cattle producing state in the Northeast United States. There are 13,176 beef cattle farms raising over 1.6 M cattle and calves with a value of almost $700 M. The largest category of farms have between 55 and 99 animals with sales of almost $77 M.

The average age of PA Producer’s is 52 and 60% have been in the industry for 15+ years. The average age of beef producers is increasing steadily as current beef producers are aging. The PA Farm Show takes pride in encouraging young agriculturalist to dedicate time to Pennsylvania’s number one industry- agriculture. The Farm Show provides a hands-on experience with livestock for youth exhibitors who come from all over the state with varying backgrounds and knowledge. At the Farm Show, today’s youth train to become tomorrow’s livestock producers and play a role in the bigger picture of producing a safe and high-quality product.

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