Stoltzfus Family Dairy appreciates the creamby Troy Bishopp

VERNON CENTER, NY – If you’re like many in the rural landscape that remember the frothy, thick cream fresh from the cow, you can appreciate the passion of the dairy-forward Stoltzfus families of Vernon Center and Deansboro, NY, in producing and selling their “Cream-line” dairy products.

On Feb. 1, the local company celebrated their excitement and nutritional aspect for dairy products by inviting the public to their store for their ninth annual open house. Customers sampled their cream-line milks, homemade yogurts, flavored cheese curds and farmstead cheeses while learning about the cows, the dairy plant and the farmers that produced the wholesome items.

“We began with a vision to provide natural dairy foods that are healthy, and most importantly, make your taste buds smile,” emphasized Vern Stoltzfus, CEO of Stoltzfus Family Dairy LLC. “To make a quality product that honors both our vocation and spirit, we only source our milk from our two family farms run by Nate and Jason Stoltzfus and family.”

“Our milk is made through traditional practices with a minimal amount of processing, resulting in a healthier, flavorful, non-homogenized milk that retains the proverbial ‘Cream-line.’ Non-homogenized milk can aid the body in better digestion and properly utilize the proteins found in our milk,” said Vern. “The milk fat is milk’s best feature! There is slight concern, however; one must give it a shake before enjoying the tasty product.”

They must be doing something right, as they were given a nod for being one of the top 10 best chocolate milks in New York State.

Dairy farmer Jason Stoltzfus echoes the flavor and nutrition component of full-fat milk. He’s a proud supporter of the grassroots “Drink whole milk, it’s 97% fat-free campaign” (, @97milk on Facebook, @97milk1 on Twitter). His knowledge, hard work, meticulous care of the animals and an equally spotless farmstead serves the family business well when he hosts and teaches visitors and schoolchildren about what it takes to produce a high quality dairy product for their brand.

“Our goal is to continue to bring great dairy products from our family farm to customers’ tables. We remain true to our dedication in supporting local, small-scale dairy farmers for generations to come,” said President Jonas Stoltzfus.

To learn more about the family and their exceptional dairy foods, visit or stop in at the store at 6300 Skinner Rd., Vernon Center, NY.