NJAA offers Leadership checklist for juniors to complete for incentive during COVID-19 pandemic.

by Karen Hiltbrand, American Angus Association

In this unprecedented time, the National Junior Angus Association (NJAA) and the National Junior Angus Junior Board of Directors is offering juniors across the country a chance to complete the NJAA “Steps to Success,” a personal development checklist. The contest includes a 12-item checklist that can be completed and submitted for a chance to win an NJAA prize pack. The contest lasts until April 15, with the drawing to be held on April 20.

Junior members are to complete various items on the checklist to win. The checklist website can be found at www.angus.org/njaa/stepstosuccess/. Upon completing one item on the checklist, juniors will receive an NJAA padfolio. For each additional item completed, the junior is entered into the giveaway, one entry per item completed. If the junior completes all items on the checklist, an additional five entries for the grand prize will be awarded.

“Our goal is to encourage junior members of all age groups to stay active, be engaged and learn while they are home during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Madeline Bauer, American Angus Association events coordinator.

The checklist includes:

  1. Create a AAA Login Account
  2. Renew your Membership
  3. Submit your Code of Conduct
  4. Share a Photo of your Spring Cleaning
  5. Write a Thank You
  6. Submit a Registration or AHIR® Data
  7. Submit a Show Entry or Register for LEAD
  8. Submit an Online Contest Entry / Sign-up for a Contest
  9. Watch our Career Development Corner or Participate in our Contest, Ask Me Anything
  10. Complete the Leadership Goal Ladder or Build a Resume
  11. Complete BQA/YQCA/MBA Certification
  12. Submit your Bronze/Silver/Gold Award

For further instructions and to get the downloadable version of the checklist, visit https://tinyurl.com/utdmjsh. To submit your completed checklist, mail the list and completed items to the Events and Education Department at 3201 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, Mo 64506, or email to Events@angus.org. The contest ends April 15, and checklists need to be received by the Events and Education staff by April 20.