CN-RP-1-Spotlight on 1Robert Morin of Waldoboro is the new Chair of the Maine Farm Bureau Horse Council as of winter 2013. Robert moved to Maine in 1973 from Rhode Island. He has always had a love for horses, as well as an interest in all types of agriculture. As a teen he worked at a stable with 75-125 horses, learning to care for and ride them. Robert spent a few years in the service and then in 1981 started his small homestead — Barrel Hill Farm. Over the years at different times his farm has been home to sheep, pigs, chickens, and varying sized gardens. Robert has also been a residential builder since 1981. He believes everyone at some point should do some kind of volunteer civic duty for their community. With this said Robert has done over fifteen years of public service for his town of Waldoboro. Currently Robert serves on the board for Waldoboro Business Association and on the board for the Economic growth committee. Robert also is an active board member for New England Livestock Expo.
Robert now has two Tennessee Walkers and his passion for them is apparent when he begins talking about them. He has an interest and has had varying levels of involvement with team penning and mounted shooting. He is a past board member of the Maine Mounted Shooters. He gives lessons, offers trail riding and teaches horsemanship. Many of his lessons are given to baby boomers and to those who perhaps just need a refresher to get back into riding. He also enjoys taking the horses to a couple of local parades each year, including an annual 4th of July celebration at Round Pond.
Robert has two daughters — Margaret, who lives in Bristol raising her two children and enjoys riding horses; and Rebecca, who works in Augusta and fell in love with the gentle spirits of her dad’s horses, despite earlier having a fear of large animals. One of the qualities that Bob loves about horses is their therapeutic nature. Bob brought his Tennessee Walkers into his life after his girls had grown and left home, so an interest in equine is something they developed as adults. He purchased his first horse, Budd, rather accidentally while chatting with the customer service representative he called to clarify his phone bill and somehow the conversation shifted to his interest in finding a horse and her knowledge of where to look. Bob said as soon as he and Budd made eye contact “that was it.” Budd is now 14 and has been living at Barrel Hill Farm for 11 years. Sonny is 13 years old and Bob has had him for nine years. He found Sonny when looking for a pasture buddy for Bud. He had been debating a pasture goat or beef critter, but came across an ad for Sonny in Uncle Henry’s. He was intrigued but not as interested in the requested sale price. On a trip to Hemphill’s in Vassalboro shortly after, he encountered the same horse! It was meant to be and Budd became a much happier horse with his new companion. During the year alone, Budd had been prone to colic due to stress and hasn’t had any more issues since being introduced to his companion.
Robert enjoys attending the annual Equine Affaire held in Massachusetts and credits the event with helping him keep current on latest on equine technique, care, and issues through the workshops, clinics, and trade show.
Robert is enthusiastic and has many goals as the new Chair of the Maine Farm Bureau Horse Council. He would like to see the council become a central resource and community for communication throughout the state of those interested in all aspects of equine. Maine is not the end of the line, but sometimes the perception is such. He’d like to see this perception shifted and showcase the diversity of what Maine has to offer for the horse world.
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