CM-MR-1-Soybean growers 1by Sally Colby
Pennsylvania soybean growers working toward higher yields can compete regionally for individual as well as regional awards in the state’s growing contest.
In presenting the Pennsylvania Soybean Board awards for the 2013 growing season, Penn State Extension Educator Del Voight noted that the average yield for 2013 was 76.8 bu/acre, which he says reflects the trend toward an overall increase of one bushel/year.
Average seed drop among growers was 167,000 plants/acre, which is close to the recommended rate in Penn State’s agronomy guide.
Voight recognized the 90-bushel club members including Jeff Bomgardner of Lebanon County, who grew Syngenta S36B6 for a yield of 97.38 bu/acre; Darren Grumbine, also of Lebanon County, who grew Asgrow 3832 for 91.04 bu/acre; and Merle Stoltzfus of Lancaster County who grew Hubner 34-11RR2 for 90.04 bu/acre.
Regional winners were also recognized during the award presentations. Jeff Bomgardner, of the Southeast region (Lebanon County), planted 7.5 in. rows in a no-till system following corn. Seeding date was 5/10/13, and beans were harvested at a rate of 97.38 bu/acre on 10/11/13. D. Richard Snyder, of the Northern region (Lycoming County), planted 8 in. rows in a minimal tillage system following corn. Snyder seeded on 5/21/13 and harvested at a rate of 73.34 bu/acre on 10/15/13.
In the Western region (Fayette County), Mike Reskovac planted 15 in. rows in a no-till system following corn. Seeding date was 5/12/13 and beans were harvested on 10/9/13 for 71.39 bu/acre. In the Central region (Centre County), Carl Gates planted 30 in. rows in a no-till system following corn. Gates planted on 5/9/13 and harvested on 11/16/13 with a yield of 56.11 bu/acre.
Voight says competition divided into zones makes the contest more competitive for growers throughout the state. As the top-ranked soybean grower in the state, Jeff Bomgardner was awarded a trip to the state’s commodity classic.