CN-MR-2-Southern Vermont 1by Melody Reynolds
Hundreds of dairy goats and goat enthusiasts gathered on June 22 for the Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Show. The show was held on Route 9 in Marlboro, VT. The picturesque spot in the mountains accommodated goat trailers from every New England state.
The setting for the event was the beautiful Knoll House property, purchased in 1951 with a generous gift from Mrs. Margarethe Paxton. Paxton’s dream was to offer a location for all goat enthusiasts to participate in dairy goat educational activities. The event accomplished just that.
The show continued into the afternoon allowing all breeds of dairy goats to compete.
The judge took time to give the less experienced goat showers a brief lesson. Children as young as two lead their prized animals around the ring with the assistance of an adult.
The show moved quickly to represent all the best breedings from around New England.
Breeders work all year for these few opportunities to see how well their breeding program stacks up against others. The goats file into the ring with their handlers dressed in whites. Under the direction of the judge the handlers walk, weave and set up their animals to their best advantage.
The judge, Peter Snyder from Cowlesville, NY, lined the goats up and explained to the breeders why he has chosen this lineup. Ribbons were handed out and premiums were paid. The information is documented for the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) to keep track of.
Within hours after the show, the goats were packed and trailers were hitched. This group of goat enthusiasts will return again another time to fulfill the dream of Mrs. Margarethe Paxton.