The Otsego-Herkimer-Montgomery Holstein Club held their annual club show on July 22 at the Fonda Fairgrounds. Over 100 exceptional Holsteins were paraded before Judge Ken McEvoy of Marathon, NY. Both junior and senior members from the three-county area participated as well as several breeders from neighboring counties.

Five showmanship classes started the show for the junior members with Justin Wolfe of Otsego County winning Master Showman, followed closely by Reserve Master Showman Mason Ziemba of Oneida County.

Following the judging of the individual heifer classes, McEvoy chose the Summer Yearling Heifer, Maple-Down Sdkck Aurora-ET, owned by Alexis Payne of Schoharie County, as the Junior Champion of both the junior division and open division of the show. Ava Canary of Montgomery County was awarded first place Fall Heifer Calf. Canary Doorman Ruby was named the Reserve Junior Champion as well as the Best Bred & Owned Heifer of the Junior division. The Reserve Junior Champion of the Open division went to the second place Summer Yearling Heifer Bred & Owned by Ziemba, Oster & Vail, ZBW-Retso-PV Denver Lockdown.

Championship winners in the milking cow classes went to six different breeders. In the Junior Division of the show Montgomery County’s Isaac Conard’s Senior 3-Year-Old cow Ridgedale Raquel was declared the Intermediate Senior Champion. Montgomery County’s Charlise Canary’s Junior 3-Year-Old Cow Canary Crush Aspen was awarded Reserve Intermediate Champion. Winning Senior Champion honors in the Junior Division was Conard’s 4-Year-Old Plum-Line Absolute Calypso and Otsego County’s Austin Ainslie’s 5-Year-Old Oakfield Lo Scarlett-Red-ET. The two Intermediate Champions in this division went on to also be declared the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions for the Junior division of the show.

Intermediate Champion of the open division of the milking cow classes went to Elmvue’s (Montgomery County) Senior 3-Year-Old Jacobs Gold Chip Lizel-ET. Reserve honors were awarded to the Junior 3-Year-Old Rivercross Doorman Alice bred and owned by Rivercross Holsteins of Otsego County. The Senior and Grand Champion of the open division were awarded to the first place 4-Year-Old cow Ovaltop Ladd-P Ranait-Red bred and owned by Ovaltop Holsteins of Otsego County. Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion were awarded to the first place Aged Cow Maple-Downs Armani Glamor bred and owned by Maple Down Farm II of Schoharie County.

Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor banners were won by Ovaltop Holsteins of Richfield Springs.

Show Summary

Spring Heifer Calf: 1. Kaylee Byma – E-Skinner Milio Hickup-ET; 2. Elmvue Farm – Elmvue Siidekick Rhiann

Winter Heifer Calf: 1. K&B Ziemba; B. Oster; P Vail – ZBW-Retso-PV AD Lyselle; 2. Andy Post & Dan Menendez – Posthaven Unstop Sasophras-Red-ET

Fall Heifer Calf: 1. Ava Canary – Canary Doorman Ruby; 2. Alexis Wolfe – Ovaltop Warrior Ripley-Red

Summer Yearling: 1. Alexis Payne – Maple-Downs Sdkck Aurora-ET; 2. Ziemba, Oster, & Vail – ZBW-Retso-PV Denver Lockdown

Spring Yearling: 1. Retso Holsteins – Retso Sidekick Charlee-ET; 2. Elmvue Farm – Ms Elmvue Doorman LaMarca

Winter Yearling: 1. Mason Ziemba – Liddleholme Avalan Margo; 2. Elmvue Farm – Elmvue Doorman Kinetic-ET

Fall Yearling: 1. Eric Worden – Wormont Jordy Maggie 2606

Best Three Junior Females: 1. K&B Ziemba, B. Oster, P. Vail; 2. Canary Family

Fall Yearling in Milk: 1. Maple Downs & Cole Goodhue – Maple-Downs-DT Unix Alanna;

Summer Junior 2-Year-Old: 1. Maple-Downs & Peter Vail – Pineyvale Solomon Acie; 2. Ridgedale Farm – Casview Ridgedale Khloe

Junior 2-Year-Old: 1. Maple Downs & Duane Tillpaugh – Liddleholme DM Preciouus-ET; 2. Elmvue Farm – Arolene Duhibou Apple Elmay

Senior 2-Year-Old: 1. Daniel McClure – Pineyvale Twizzle Rip; 2. Maple-Downs Farm II – Maple-Downs Awesome Ayla-ET

Junior 3-Year-Old: 1. Rivercross Holsteins – Rivercross Doorman Alice; 2. Charlise Canary – Canary Crush Apen

Senior 3-Year-Old: 1. Elmvue Farm – Jacobs Gold Chip Lizel-ET; 2. Ridgedale Farm – Ridgedale Raquel

4-Year-Old: 1. Ovaltop Holsteins – Ovaltop Ladd-P Ranait-Red-PO; 2. Elmvue Farm – Elmvue Capital Z Nickie

5-Year-Old: 1. Brad & Cindy Murphy – Bracin Doorman Carry; 2. Ovaltop Holsteins – Ovaltop Dback Noleta

Aged Cow: 1. Maple-Downs Farm II – Maple Downs Armani Glamor; 2. Ovaltop Holsteins – Ovaltop Maxwell Paige-Red

150,000 Lbs. Cow: 1. Maple-Down Farm II – Maple-Downs Annabelle-ET; 2. Ovaltop Holstens – Ovaltop Dundee Ester

Senior Best Three Females: 1. Ovaltop Holsteins

Dam/Daughter: 1. Ovaltop Holstens; 2. Austin Ainslie

Produce of Dam: 1. Ovaltop Holsteins

Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor: Ovaltop Holsteins


O-H-M Holstein Club announces annual club show results