On May 15, Jerry Kozak, President and CEO, NMPF released the following statement:
“The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is pleased with [May 15’s] vote in the House Agriculture Committee in support of the Dairy Security Act (DSA). The committee’s decision to once again reject an amendment by Representatives Bob Goodlatte and David Scott that would have undermined the House Farm Bill’s dairy safety net is gratifying to the thousands of dairy farmers across the country who support the DSA.
“We very much appreciate the efforts of committee Chairman Frank Lucas and ranking member Representative Collin Peterson for their leadership in including the Dairy Security Act in the Farm Bill. The DSA provides the best combination of effective risk management for dairy farmers, while minimizing farm program costs to the taxpayer.
“Dairy farmers have labored for four years to develop the reforms contained in the DSA. We have worked with leaders of both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees to construct a new safety net that offers dairy farmers more effective protection than current policy. We appreciate the fact that House Agriculture Committee members are concerned with fashioning the best dairy policy possible, and we are heartened by their decision today to back the DSA.
“The House committee has now twice rejected the Goodlatte-Scott effort to undermine establishment of a workable national dairy policy. As the farm bill moves to the House floor, we hope that the committee’s decision will be the final word on the matter. It is time for dairy processors to end their campaign of divisiveness, and assist us in moving the farm bill toward completion.
“The dairy industry needs the stability that the DSA will provide, and we need it now. The House version of the bill is on the right path, and its dairy title now matches the farm bill approved [May 14] by the Senate Agriculture Committee. We urge Congress to move quickly to complete action on the farm bill this summer.”