The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) has been recognizing dairy producers with reproductively efficient herds based on pregnancy rate, heat detection, culling rate and more. With 100 nominations coming from all over the world, this year 24 dairy farms were recognized from the U.S., Canada, Italy and the UK. The only dairy farm that was recognized from the Northeast was the Newmont Dairy Farm in Fairlee, VT.

The awards from DCRC recognize excellence in reproductive efficiency, fertility and well-implemented management procedures. Farms are nominated by dairy professionals who serve the dairy industry, such as veterinarians, Extension specialists and artificial insemination and pharmaceutical company representatives.

DCRC’s Excellence in Dairy Cattle Reproduction judges look at many different criteria when reviewing the finalists’ applications, including pregnancy rate, voluntary waiting period, interbreeding intervals, heat detection, conception rate, value of reproduction and culling rate.

One of the owners of Newmont Dairy, Will Gladstone, expressed that being nominated for DCRC award was “awesome – honestly, the award is icing on the cake.”

Walter and Margaret Gladstone founded Newmont Farm in 1987. It is currently owned by them, their oldest son, Will, and their youngest son, Matt.

Will explained how this actually wasn’t the first time they were nominated, nor the first time that they won an award. Back in 2020, Newmont Dairy won the Bronze award, just like they did in 2023. He hopes to continue to “improve reproduction protocols in dairy cows” – and hopes to earn this award again in the future, maybe even improving to Silver, Gold or Platinum placement.

The farm currently has around 1,800 Holstein cows and 1,600 heifers. They grow about 1,200 acres of corn and 900 acres of grass to feed the livestock. Newmont Farm milks three times a day and their herd averages about 92 lbs. a day.

Newmont Dairy is a successful dairy farm, but they also are known for their beef, pork, horses, pumpkins and corn. Additionally, Will and his wife Brooke purchased and opened an ice cream shop in 2019 called Gladstone Creamery.

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by Kelsi Devolve