“This is a momentous day for New York’s farmers. The reforms passed in this Farm Bill will provide a critical safety net that truly takes the diversity of New York agriculture into account like never before. The changes to crop insurance should be seen as an investment in maintaining a reliable food supply in this country when disasters strike, while also savings billions of taxpayer dollars.
The Farm Bill is also important to rural economic development. It provides funding to improve the state’s infrastructure to help increase marketing opportunities for farmers while at the same time opening up access to local food for people of all income levels. The Farm Bill also enhances conservation efforts and research programs that will improve how we farm and better protect the environment.
New York Farm Bureau appreciates the hard work and support of Senator Schumer, who voted for the bill on Feb. 4. His efforts included securing additional resources to expand our state’s maple industry and providing retroactive protection to fruit growers who suffered from a devastating early frost in 2012.
We encourage the President to swiftly sign the bill and begin the process of implementing the many reforms and programs that will benefit farmers and consumers alike,” said Dean Norton, President of New York Farm Bureau.