CE-MR-1-SUNY Cobleskill5by Brad Johnson, SUNY Cobleskill, Assistant Professor of Animal Science
At the SUNY Cobleskill School of Agriculture faculty meeting on Jan. 16, John Rose, Project Manager for the new, $38.766 million Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources, reported that the expected completion date for the building is June 11.
The 98,000 square foot facility will house the Animal Science, Fisheries and Wildlife, and Plant Science departments, featuring a USDA inspected meats lab, cold and warm water fish hatcheries, and 18,000 square feet of gutter-connected greenhouse space.
According to Rose, the idea for the building was initiated in 2008 as the campus was conducting a master plan and project design started in 2009. Funding for the project is provided by the State of New York through a state educational bond.
Rose is hoping the building achieves Lead Gold Certification, which means that it meets specific heat certification and energy performance.
“It’s a one of kind building, because of the programs in it,” said Rose proudly. “It’s pretty unique. It’s going to be a good building.”
SUNY Cobleskill is also building several new residence halls, named Alumni Commons, which will also be completed for fall 2014 classes. According to Rose, one building is already constructed, while a second building is almost completely erected. Construction of Alumni Commons involves bringing in already completed sections of each building, then fitting the sections together, like a big puzzle. Alumni Commons will have 158 beds and a manager’s suite which connects the buildings.