CN-RP-1-NHQuizThe New Hampshire 4-H Foundation recently sponsored the New Hampshire State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest, which took place in Walpole, NH. 4-H members from Grafton, Coos, Merrimack, Sullivan and Cheshire County participated in the event.
Twenty two senior members strived to earn a position on the State team, which will participate in the Quiz Bowls at Eastern States Exposition and the National Dairy Quiz Bowl in Louisville, KY in the fall.
The top team honors in the senior division went to the Pinnacleview 4-H Club in Cheshire County. This team included Maddie Beaudry, Tabitha Phillips and Carley Patch, all from Walpole, and Tyler Woodman from Claremont. The second place team, also from Cheshire County, comprised members from the Switch’n Horns Club: Sarah Cody of Swanzey, Gretchen Hall of Keene, Hannah Majewski of Westmoreland and Lily Wright of Winchester. The top individual of the senior contest was Maddie Beaudry from Walpole. Second place finisher was Gretchen Hall of Keene, followed by Hannah Majewski of Westmoreland in third, Bram Robertson of Contoocook in fourth, Ethan Marsh of Winchester in fifth. Pierre Allard of Pittsburg was sixth, Tabitha Phillips of Walpole was seventh and Amelia Sweatt of Errol finished in eighth place.
In the junior division, Cheshire County’s Pinnacleview team also placed first. This team included Hayley Christie from Langdon, Chelsey Patch from Walpole, and Sage Stark from Charlestown. The second place team was made up of members from Coos and Grafton Counties included: Danielle DeBlois from Colebrook, David Sweatt from Errol, Melissa Ells from Orange and Bethany Wheeler from Canaan. The high individual of the junior contest was Hayley Christie of Langdon, followed by Chelsey Patch of Walpole in second, while Danielle DeBlois of Colebrook was third. Melissa Ells from Orange finished fourth and Andrea Majewski, from Westmoreland finished fifth. Bethany Wheeler of Canaan finished in sixth place. Rounding out the top eight included Riley Martell of Winchester in seventh and David Sweatt from Errol in eighth.
Four teams of novice also participated in this event in non-competitive play, introducing them to the quiz bowl event.
The senior members who qualified to be on the State team were: Bram Robertson, Ethan Marsh, Tabitha Phillips and Amelia Sweatt.