One of the most exciting events of August is quickly approaching. Empire Farm Days is slated for Aug. 3 – 5 this summer, and the organizers of the event at Lee Trade Shows are excited to welcome both attendees and exhibitors to Palladino Farms in Pompey, NY.

A first-time exhibitor this year will be Shelby Wadsworth, the owner/operator of Wesolia – the Wadsworth Every Stage of Life Insurance Agency. “The name of my business is the overlying umbrella of what I do,” she explained. “For this event, I want to focus on helping the senior community with any concerns they have about Medicare. I’m branding myself as ‘the Turning 65 Guide.’ The idea is to guide people, to support them and answer their questions to make sure they’re going down the right path with Medicare.”

New and familiar exhibitor faces featured at Empire Farm Days

And while Wadsworth’s focus will be those approaching their mid-sixties, she noted it’s good for anyone with Medicare to stop by and get information from her. “I do a lot of different programs for young adults too – income replacement, mortgage protection, children’s plans, etc. It’s about financial protection all around. I’m a broker – I provide a nonbiased look. I don’t look at just one company.”

Find Wadsworth and Wesolia in Tent A at Booth 57 during EFD 2023. Contact her beforehand at

Setting up for his third year at the show will be Bill Swagler of the New York State Trappers’ Association. The trappers pride themselves on educating the public about why it is beneficial to keep wildlife populations in check. Bill and other members of the association will be selling pelts, offering memberships and answering any questions at their booth, in spaces 37 and 38 in the Farmers Market section.

Learn more about their organization at

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