CE-DY-2-Mountain View cover2cSubmitted by Susquehanna County Dairy Maid Emory Bewley
Two of Mountain View Elementary second grade classes came to JoSan Farm, owned by Joe and Sandy Pavelski. Pavelski’s have been hosting school tours for more than 20 years. Joe and Sandy’s granddaughter, Emory Bewley, is one of the Susquehanna County’s Dairy Maids. Alongside was Pennsylvania State’s Alternate Dairy Princess Callie Curley from Montrose.
When the kids first arrived, Emory introduced them to her two calves. “Marshy and Dora had a wonderful year showing”, said Emory. She explained how she worked with them all summer and taught them to lead for shows in local, district, and state shows. She explained to the children how old each calf was, and that they’ll be two years old when they have a calf and start milking.
Then the kids were lead through the barn starting with the milk house. They continued into the barn to see how the cows are milked and how the milk gets to the bulk tank. After milking, Mr. Pavelski fed a baby calf a bottle with the help of a few students.
After the farm tour, the children ate their lunch and listened to Emory and Callie talk about dairy farming. Emory spoke about how farmers take care of their cows and keep them healthy. Finally the kids enjoyed shaker pudding before going on a hayride. Then we said good bye until next year’s classes arrive.
Emory Bewley is a second year Dairy Maid with the Susquehanna County Dairy Promotion program. She is a 10-year-old fourth grader at Mountain View Elementary School and is the daughter of Owen and Cathy Bewley.