by Courtney Llewellyn

We’ve all heard the phrase “The show must go on.” In New York State, organizers are making sure that happens for youth who have invested serious time into their cattle.

Two have been scheduled, but a total of six locations throughout the state have already shown interest in hosting shows, according to organizer Jeanne White. “All these juniors have been working with their cattle, through this past winter, getting ready for the April shows, which all got cancelled,” she said. “When we got another message on our phone, saying that another show was cancelled, we said that was enough. We have to put on a show for these kids.”

The first show is set for June 20 at Linda and Robert Groom’s Tullyfergus Angus Farm in Lyons, NY. This show will be judged by Cindi Shelley of Cobleskill, NY. The firm deadline for entry is June 13.

The second scheduled show, organized by White’s Simme Valley Farm and hosted by New Penn Farm (by owner Carl Hinkle and manager Jeanetta Laudermilk), will take place July 18 in Truxton, NY.

Other volunteers that have shown interest in hosting shows include Phil Trowbridge of Trowbridge Farms in Ghent; Ann Phillips of Shining Star Cattle Company in North Collins; and Mark Sinon.

The show planning has been picking up momentum. White said she and her fellow organizers have already received tons of feedback from people willing to volunteer and make donations. “Folks are offering photography services, to stitch chairs, to donate show supplies to be given to the kids as rewards, and we have been receiving entries,” she said. “And we still need donations.” To make a donation, you can contact White at 607.423.4888 or

As for the events themselves, the information sent out regarding rules and regulations for the first show read in part, “These will be FUN shows. Basically, some might be ‘arrive and show’ off your trailer. Tullyfergus has large barn big enough for inside tieing – side by side – no display panels. No fitting, no chutes, bring your own generator/mats/fan (if available – you will need to share), group trailering if possible, spot washing only (maybe out of a bucket). Limited power, water and space available. Limit two head per exhibitor within approximately 75-mile radius of show site … Exhibitor must be 21 and under as of Jan. 1, 2020.”

A lunch break will take place after showmanship, followed by the female show then the steer show. Registered heifers, commercial heifers and steers will be shown by weight. Entrants must have proof animals are owned, sponsored or leased (registered papers in the family farm name are acceptable). Young bulls can be shown as prospect steers by weight. At the host’s discretion, there may be a limit on total entries accepted by entry dates. Every show will have its own rules and regulations.

“We are requiring health papers on cattle – we’re not requiring health papers on the people,” White joked.

She added that updates will be posted to the New York Beef Producer’s Association Facebook page. If more information is needed, you can contact White via the phone number or email address noted above.