Northeast SARE’s Partnership Grant and Graduate Student Research Grant programs are now open for applications for the 2020 grant cycle.

Partnership Grants

This program funds research, demonstration and education projects conducted by agricultural service providers and others working in partnership with farmers.

Award maximum: $30,000. Applications due April 14, 2020. Apply now at

Graduate Student Research Grants

This program funds sustainable agriculture research conducted by graduate students at Northeast colleges, universities and veterinary schools. Award maximum: $15,000. Applications due April 21, 2020. Apply now at

A note about COVID-19 delays

All of us at Northeast SARE recognize that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is currently affecting our collective work. Partnership and Graduate Student Research Grant applicants who encounter delays or closures that hinder their ability to obtain necessary authorized signatures required in the application package may proceed and submit proposals without those signatures by following the procedures outlined in the grant submission system. Wishing you and yours good health.

For additional information contact Northeast SARE at or visit .