Free books for shreddingMany humans enjoy the coziness of curling up with a good book. Now, thanks to a new program from the Friends of Tompkins County Libraries, animals can enjoy that same feeling, in a manner of speaking.

All year long the Friends receive donations of used books from the community. Most donated books are sorted by volunteers and then resold at the bi-annual book sale to benefit libraries and literacy programs in the Tompkins county area. Some books, however, arrive in less-than-salable condition and are disposed of as they arrive. Other books don’t sell and end up in a dumpster for disposal following our spring and fall sales.

Humans may have no further use for these books but that doesn’t mean the books are useless. Paperback books or those with covers removed can be shredded and serve as bedding for farm animals, including cows, horses and sheep.

Truckloads of shreddable books are available for free May 20-22 to local farmers. Going forward, it may be possible to set up regular pickups of free books throughout the year.

Interested parties are invited to contact the Friends at 607.272.2223 to arrange a pickup at the 509 Etsy Street, Ithaca location.