For nearly 50 years, many dairy farmers have been waiting for some reputable sources to document and tell the truth about the real value of milk and list the reasons why the average American consumer should consume more milk and dairy products.
It makes you wonder where the advertising experts and research people have been. These are the ones that dairy farmers diligently continue to fund.
On June 23, the large Time magazine carried an eight page article concerning the safety of using milk and milk products. (yes, I said Time magazine!) The article was composed by Mr. Bryan Walsh. Walsh starts his article by saying “Don’t blame fat.” For decades, it has been the most vilified nutrient in the American diet. But new science reveals fat isn’t what is hurting our health.
Walsh continues his article by pointing out many times that milk is superior to imitation dairy products and he encourages consumers to use more regular milk and milk products. Somehow we must find a method to circulate this story. Walsh concluded his article by saying that he is thankful to note, he no longer has to drink skim milk.
During this time frame, a well known author, Nina Teicholz, has written a famous book titled, “The Big Fat Surprise; Why You Should Eat Butter.” Ms. Teicholz illustrates the need of animal fat in your diet and urges mothers to start a campaign for consumers to use whole milk.
Thanks to my grandson Brandon, who informed us that the large MSNBC network had done an interview with Nina Teicholz. Thanks to Tyler, who works in the National Family Farm Coalition, we have been able to secure the video and we are sending the video to different parts of the country. This four minute video is one of the most revealing videos I have ever seen. We are getting many consumers involved in sending the video around.
Now it’s time for dairy farmers and consumers to do their part in circulating the video. We need to have school cafeteria managers to support our efforts. Dairy farmers must demand their advertising dollars be spent on this type of advertising.
Many people are standing around watching fluid sales continue to slip away. Also, we are watching manufacturing of dairy products including dairy co-operatives continue to add unneeded ingredients into dairy products. This practice should stop!
The Time magazine article and the MSNBC interview video had with Nina Teicholz gives us new ammunition to illustrate the need to consume more milk and milk products.
I hope the people in the USDA that control the school lunch programs across the United States are listening. It’s time to bring the school lunch programs back to reality.
However, we must pursue the efforts to inform the general public of the Time magazine article and the Nina Teicholz video.
Here is how you can obtain the video: Those of you who have Facebook, click onto these addresses to find the video “Why You Should Eat Butter”: 1. Progressive Agriculture Organization. 2. National Family Farm Coalition or you can go to the website at .
Once you find the article on facebook, please send the video to all of your friends and ask your friends to do the same. It’s now up to all of you.
Pro-Ag can be reached at 570-833-5776.
Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro Ag