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Tiny seeds, big weed problems

July 16, 2019|0 Comments

by Sally Colby Farmers are adopting a new twist on no-till – they’re planting green. The concept involves planting a cash crop into a cover crop prior to spraying or rolling the cover crop down, [...]

Preparing for drought

July 16, 2019|0 Comments

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant How can your farm better manage drought years? By improving soil health. A recent eOrganics webinar, “Preparing for Drought: The Role of Soil Health in Water Management in Organic Production,” addressed [...]

Youth turn out for Dairy Day

July 16, 2019|0 Comments

by Sally Colby For most kids, school is out and summer vacation has begun – but that didn’t stop an enthusiastic group of young people from signing up and attending Youth Dairy Day in Shippensburg, [...]