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The foundation of muscling

January 8, 2021|

Muscling begins at conception

by Sally Colby

There’s no question that consumers who purchase beef expect a high-quality eating experience. Dr. Jennifer Martin, associate professor of meat safety and quality at Colorado State University, discussed the role […]

Stress matters

January 8, 2021|

by Sally Colby

Dr. Niles Jennett, a veterinarian working as a dairy consultant, said we can’t eliminate stressors in the dairy environment, but should be evaluating approaches to mitigate the effects of stress. “Most important is […]

Tall fescue: Pasture renovations

January 5, 2021|

by Tamara Scully

If the benefits of Kentucky 31 tall fescue don’t outweigh the risk of toxicity, or its propensity to out-compete other forages, it is possible to renovate and remove this controversial forage from your […]