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Close to eradication, part 1

November 28, 2023|

Part 1: The early days

Sheep and goat owners are familiar with the unique identification tags that go in animals’ ears before they’re moved from one property to another. […]

Vaccination is not immunization

November 21, 2023|

Cattle producers often ask Penn State extension veterinarian Dr. Hayley Springer what to include in a vaccination protocol. Since farms have a variety of management challenges […]

Seeking out specialty food grants

November 21, 2023|

Branching out, wearing different hats, having a finger in every pie, putting a lot of irons in the fire – whatever euphemism you use, farmers these days are almost required […]

Customers gobble up local turkey

November 17, 2023|

“Gobble gobble” isn’t just a turkey vocalization – it’s an action customers are making to gobble up their Thanksgiving centerpiece from local farms. […]