CE-MR-3-Heroism award1

BINGHAMTON, NY — Paris Hill native and Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District Technician, Carl Bartlett was recently awarded the 2013 Heroic Action Award by the New York State Conservation District Employees Association.
This award honors a District employee who has performed a heroic action, on or off duty, which benefited a person or physical property. He was recognized for his quick response in helping fellow employee, Troy Bishopp, who was having a heart attack, get off the fence-line and rush him to Oneida Healthcare Hospital.
Carl who is an 8-year veteran Auto Cad structural designer, surveyor, planner and “engine man” for the district was nominated by District Manager, Steve Lorraine. The submission form included this narrative:
Dec. 3, 2013, seemed like any other day when we arrived at the office in Hamilton. No one knew that this beautiful December day would take a dramatic turn involving one of our own. After a quick meeting about what needed to be done to complete the safety fence around a concrete manure storage project, Carl Bartlett and Troy Bishopp loaded up and hit the road.
Once on-site they got right to work stringing the woven high tensile fence required around the new storage structure. The project was moving along better than expected and the boys where looking forward to finishing the project ahead of schedule but as they started stapling the final sections of the fence up, Carl turned around and noticed Troy was slumped over and obviously in trouble.
Carl immediately went to Troy’s aid to see what was going on and called the farm as one of the brothers was a volunteer fireman. Troy explained he was having chest pain and dizziness. The word he used I believe was like looking through a kaleidoscope, not a good sign.
Noting that the farm was just five minutes from the Oneida Hospital the decision was made to put Troy in the district truck and get him there as soon as possible. As many of you may know Carl builds and races four wheelers, now Carl won’t tell me this but Troy says he utilized these skills as he drove him to the emergency room’s front door.
As the hospital staff took over Troy’s care, Carl was left to make the call no one wants to make, to Troy’s wife to inform her that her husband had just had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Carl stayed with Troy until his wife and parents rushed to the hospital. Having handed Troy off to his family, Carl headed back in true workman-like fashion to the farm to finish the day’s work.
Carl doesn’t look for accolades for what he does, just shows up and does his job, no matter what is asked of him. On Dec. 3, 2013, he saved the life of a fellow employee and friend while once again proving to be an invaluable member of our district and our community at large.
The Bishopp Family, conservation professionals and the agricultural community at large thank Carl for his service, dedication and for his unselfish code of conduct. “In short, heroism means doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.” ~ Brandon Mull