CE-RP-2-CHEN COUNTY 1cBy working with the Recycling Agricultural Plastics Project this season, Chenango County has successfully recycled 4,000 pounds of plastic that would otherwise have been sent to the landfill. Since February RAPP and CCE have been encouraging farms that wish to participate to put “plastics best management practices” into action. So far only 10 farms in the county are actively participating, but others can join by following a few basic BMPs: keep plastic as clean and dry as possible, shake out pebbles and clumps of soils, and then roll or fold the plastic into pillow-sized bundles. Plastic that is going to be recycled should be stored on a pallet, out of the mud and gravel, with different colors and types separated.
The Big Foot Baler, which was seen at Chenango County’s Dairy Day, is able to make a 1,000 pound bale of plastic bale wrap in about a half hour under ideal conditions.  On Monday, June 17, the baler went mobile and visited three additional farms that worked together with other local farms to create bales at their sites. The idea is to create a bale that is fairly clean, dry and approximately 1,000 pounds with the dimensions of about a three and a half foot cube. The bales are then stored on farm until they are transported to a recycling facility where they are made into sidewalk pavers, plastic plywood or oil.
RAPP is just gaining momentum and would love to see more farms participate. With over 30,000 pounds of plastic being delivered into the county for agricultural purposes it is great to see some of it recycled. It is important to do what works for your farm. RAPP can help recycle feed bags, bunker cover, boat wrap, bale wrap, and many other agricultural plastics.
If you are interested in participating in the program or want to learn more please contact Emily Jane Anderson at Chenango County CCE. E-mail: eja74@cornell.edu, phone: 607-334-5841 ex. 17.