CEW-MR-2-4H Dairy Show 1CThe Cayuga County 4-H Dairy Show took place at the Remember the Big Six Picnic & 4-H Youth Fair event, which was held at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum & Dr. Joseph Karpinski Educational Center on Route 38A, Auburn. A total of 31 Cayuga County 4-H members participated in this show.
Novice Fitting and Showmanship:
Nicholas Bower – Blue; Mason Gilbert – Blue; Jessica Morgan – Blue; Wyatt Patterson – Blue; Jade Nieves – Red; Tad Patterson – Red; Jose Montalvo – Red
Junior Fitting and Showmanship:
Sarah Perez – Blue; Ryan Bailey – Blue; Rebecca Colgan – Blue; Lydia Cox – Blue; Hannah Shaw – Blue; Kyle Bailey – Red; Ella Doan – Red; Mallory Brennan – Red
Senior Fitting and Showmanship:
Amy Stranger – Blue; Jeffery Thurston – Blue; Abbie Cox – Blue; Christian Taft – Blue; Tessa Taft – Blue; Sean Thurston – Blue; Katie Bower – Blue; Elizabeth Colgan – Blue
Master Dairy Cattle Showman: Jeffery Thurston
Reserve Master Dairy Cattle Showman: Amy Stranger
Cloverbud (Youth ages 5-7 as of January 1, 2013)
Entries: Merritt Cox; Payton Youngers; Toby Atherton; Sarah Colgan; Norah McCarthy; Reilly Patterson and Natalie Wasleff
Summer Yearling Heifer: Elizabeth Colgan – Blue
Brown Swiss
Winter Heifer Calf: Tessa Taft – Blue
Fall Heifer Calf: Lydia Cox – Blue; Sean Thurston – Blue
Summer Yearling Heifer: Christian Taft – Blue
Spring Yearling Heifer: Abbie Cox – Blue
Spring Heifer Calf: Sean Thurston – Blue; Sean Thurston – Blue
Winter Heifer Calf: Jeffery Thurston – Blue; Ella Doan – Blue
Fall Heifer Calf: Jeffery Thurston – Blue
Spring Yearling Heifer: Mallory Brennan – Blue
Winter Yearling Heifer: Jeffery Thurston – Blue
Fall Yearling Heifer: Jeffery Thurston – Blue; Sean Thurston – Blue
Junior 2 Year-old Cow: Hannah Shaw – Blue; Sean Thurston – Red; Sean Thurston – Red
Senior 2 year-old Cow: Jeffery Thurston – Blue
Spring Heifer Calf: Kyle Bailey – Blue; Mason Gilbert – Blue; Jessica Morgan – Blue; Jade Nieves – Red; Nicholas Bower – Red
Winter Heifer Calf: Wyatt Patterson – Blue; Sarah Perez – Blue; Jose Montalvo – Red; Tad Patterson – Red
Fall Heifer Calf: Rebecca Colgan – Blue
Spring Yearling Heifer: Rebecca Colgan – Blue; Ryan Bailey – Red
Winter Yearling Heifer: Abbie Cox – Blue; Lydia Cox – Blue
Spring Yearling Heifer: Katie Bower – Blue
Milking Yearling: Amy Stranger – Blue
3 Year-old Cow: Elizabeth Colgan – Blue
Milking Shorthorn
Spring Heifer Calf, Milking Shorthorn: Hannah Shaw – Blue
Dam and Daughter: Sean Thurston – Blue; Jeff Thurston – Blue