Fitch Farm wins NH Green Pastures Award

2020-03-27T16:23:46-05:00March 27, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

by Edith Tucker

MILFORD, NH – In line with longstanding tradition, the latest recipient of New Hampshire Green Pastures Dairy Farmer of the Year award was recognized at two different events, held in adjacent states nearly five months apart: in September 2019 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA, and in February at the Farm, Forest & Garden Expo in Manchester. (more…)

Pathogen-based treatment, improving butterfat and protein content suggested at 2020 Central New York Dairy Day

2020-03-27T15:19:34-05:00March 27, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Michael Wren

COOPERSTOWN, NY – On March 10, dairy farmers gathered to learn the latest trends in the industry. The annual Central New York Dairy Day conference and trade show are sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension. This year’s conference showed that with current market increases in the price of butterfat and protein content there may be opportunities for farmers to boost revenue – and how pathogen-based treatment might lower your overall expenditure. David Balbian, dairy management specialist, introduced the speakers. (more…)

Improving the tie stall barn

2020-03-26T10:37:40-05:00March 26, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

Committing to what’s already there

by Sally Colby

Dairy farmers who want to increase herd size or make barn improvements have several choices: grow the herd and construct new buildings, or maintain the same herd numbers and refurbish an existing barn. Those who have tie stall barns may have penciled in a plan to convert to free stall housing at some point, but milk prices made that option impractical. (more…)

Preparing for kids at Dell Farm – and all things Alpine

2020-03-13T10:49:53-05:00March 13, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

by Laura Rodley

Sheila Litchfield has served as the Superintendent of Goats at the Heath Fair for nine years. She coordinates the fair’s American Dairy Goat Association-sanctioned goat show, which sees 180 to 200 entries in all registered dairy breeds in junior and senior categories. She has served as secretary for the Franklin 4-H Advisory Council for three years. (more…)

Assessing and preventing forage winter kill

2020-03-13T10:55:08-05:00March 13, 2020|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Tamara Scully

Whether you’re grazing animals on perennial pastures or baling your alfalfa for hay, keeping your stands healthy and high-yielding takes management. Some factors can be controlled, while others, such as damage from winter kill, are contributed to Mother Nature. While farmers can’t control the weather, there are some manageable factors which impact the winter hardiness of forage stands. (more…)

Silvopasture can use, improve more farmland

2020-03-13T10:42:36-05:00March 13, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

To help farmers make better use of their woodlands, Michigan State University Extension educators Julie Crick and Kable Thurlow presented “Agroforestry: Silvopasture Options” as a recent webinar. Crick said agroforestry includes five practices: forest farming, silvopasture, alley cropping, riparian forest buffer and windbreaks. (more…)