Writing copy that converts

2021-09-28T10:02:13-05:00September 14, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

When COVID-19 shut down the world, many businesses selling directly to customers, including those in agriculture, pivoted to selling online, even those that had not done so before. Many businesses have continued online sales in addition to those at their reopened brick-and-mortar salespoints. To help businesses offer better copy on their websites, Amanda Basse presented “How to Write Product Descriptions that Convert” as a recent webinar hosted by the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center. (more…)

Small farm, big showring dreams

2021-09-14T11:08:15-05:00September 14, 2021|Eastern Edition|

by Courtney Llewellyn

Just because a farm is small doesn’t mean it can’t produce champion beef cattle. Consider Ohisa Ridge Farm in Jordanville, NY. Owned by Stephen and Amy Hawkes, it covers about 20 acres and currently has just six head of cattle – but one of those cattle made it all the way to the “Sweet 16” of the New York State Supreme competition at the NYS Fair this summer. (more…)

Figuring out the digital transformation puzzle

2021-09-14T11:11:42-05:00September 14, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Enrico Villamaino

As a co-owner of a family farm operating in Illinois for nearly 150 years, Martha King is very aware of how profound technological advancements can change farm operations. “Obviously,” she said, “our farm has seen extraordinary changes over the past century and a half.” (more…)

Agritourism on Empty Pockets Ranch

2021-08-31T09:38:36-05:00August 31, 2021|Eastern Edition|

by Emily Carey

Nestled in the hills of Schoharie County, guarded by a herd of working dogs, lives the Davis family, who own and operate Empty Pockets Ranch. Growing rapidly, this farm has expanded from only 12 chickens to a herd of milking sheep to a fully operational and continuously evolving agritourism venue. Operating on the principle of providing the “farm experience,” Empty Pockets Ranch is navigating its way through agritourism. (more…)

Farm use and production of biofuels vital to decarbonization

2021-08-31T09:54:52-05:00August 31, 2021|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

CANANDAIGUA, NY – Farming has long been associated with environmental concerns, including an operation’s effect on carbon dioxide. Tristan Brown spoke on the topic at the 2021 New York Corn & Soybean Growers Summer Crop Tour hosted by Catalpa Farms. Brown is a SUNY associate professor of energy resource economics at the College of Environmental Science & Forestry. He presented “Biofuels and Bioproducts and Their Role in Decarbonizing New York State.” (more…)

Crop Comments: Keeping closer count on carbon

2021-08-31T09:11:00-05:00August 31, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

Appearing in a recent issue of the Guardian online newspaper was an article, “Planting Trees to Fight Climate Change Is Great. Then Again, So Is Eating,” written by Fiona Harvey. Harvey wrote that governments and businesses hoping to plant trees and restore forests in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions must sharply limit such efforts to avoid driving up food prices in the developing world, the charity Oxfam has warned. Oxfam is a confederation of 19 independent charitable organizations focusing on the alleviation of global poverty. Planting trees has been touted as one of the key ways of tackling the climate crisis, but the amount of land needed for such forests would be vast. Planting even a fraction of the area needed to offset global greenhouse gas emissions would usurp some of the land for crops needed to feed our planet’s growing population. (more…)