Effective programs for controlling waterhemp in corn

2020-02-10T16:34:11-05:00January 28, 2020|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

WATERLOO, NY – Have you spotted waterhemp in your corn fields? Bryan Brown with New York State Integrated Pest Management wants more farmers to scout for the weed. Brown presented on waterhemp at the recent Corn Congress hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops. (more…)

‘Talking’ plants need no weedy neighbors

2020-02-14T16:40:24-05:00January 28, 2020|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

WATERLOO, NY — If you’re never pictured your crop as a Chatty Cathy, perhaps you should. Clarence Swanton, Ph.D. presented “Talking Plants: The Science Behind Good Weed Management” at Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Corn Congress. The Northwest New York Dairy, Livestock and Field Crops Program hosted the annual event. (more…)

A farmer and his congregational cows

2020-01-28T10:45:40-05:00January 28, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Troy Bishopp

CLINTON, NY — Twice a day, every day, Lawrence Gilley makes a pilgrimage into the fields at Keyes Brook Farm to move his herd of iconic American Milking Devon cattle to fresh pasture. “I call them my congregational cows because in 1623, two heifers and a bull were brought over from England to Plymouth Rock by the Pilgrims who were Congregationalists, a Protestant denomination,” said Gilley. (more…)

Skaneateles Lake Watershed Ag Program celebrates 25th Anniversary

2020-01-27T16:51:44-05:00January 27, 2020|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Troy Bishopp

SKANEATELES, NY – Defensive end Chris Long remarked, “I do believe that clean water is the most efficient way to change the world.”

This charge starts at the local level. For 25 years, the Skaneateles Lake Watershed Ag Program (SLWAP) has taken on this mission to carry out a cost-effective, innovative program for the farming community that upholds the high drinking water quality standards of Skaneateles Lake and its tributaries. (more…)

Madison County Extension good for a zombie apocalypse

2020-01-27T16:29:24-05:00January 27, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Troy Bishopp

MORRISVILLE, NY – There was a bit of tongue-in-cheek going on at the 2019 annual meeting of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County. Executive Director Karin Bump referenced an Instagram post from a program participant that quipped, “You guys help everyone win. You (Extension) have both street and book smarts. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I would want an Extension person in my clan.” (more…)

The 104th PA Farm Show’s beef makes history

2020-01-27T16:34:43-05:00January 27, 2020|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

HARRISBURG, PA — Kaitlin Bell of Chester County, makes history as the first person to win Beef Cattle Supreme in both the heifer and the bull categories at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Kaitlin also had the honor of both the heifer and bull winner to be bred and owned on her own family farm. Through awards and activities, she has received a full ride to the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University. (more…)

Focusing on health at Lima Family Farm

2020-01-27T16:03:10-05:00January 27, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Richard Skelly

HILLSBOROUGH TOWNSHIP, NJ – At last winter’s meeting of the New Jersey chapter of the Northeast Organic Farmers’ Association, Philadelphia-raised civil engineer-turned-cattle farmer John Lima revealed that the only experience he had raising livestock was keeping a few goldfish. He earned his master’s in civil engineering from Drexel University in 1977. (more…)

Hog (and ham) heaven

2020-01-27T16:01:58-05:00January 27, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Tamara Scully

For some, it’s all about the pork. For others, it’s all about the pig.

That distinction – between the finished product and the living animal – separates the food-focused from the farm-focused. Of course, the divide isn’t a chasm. (more…)