Custom grazing workshop shows potential in raising replacement heifers

2019-09-16T09:00:45-05:00August 29, 2019|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

South Central NY Dairy and Field Crops Team member, Mary Kate Wheeler, Farm Business Management, Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE), led a team effort, along with custom grazing farm owner/operator Tim Virgil, Fabius, NY, and Fay Benson, Grazing Educator, CCE, South Central NY, Dairy and Field Crops Team, in a pasture walk at Virgil’s 40 to 50 heifer, custom grazing operation. (more…)

Detecting pregnancy in beef cattle

2019-08-29T13:49:59-05:00August 29, 2019|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Tamara Scully

According to 2016 USDA data, only 20 percent of beef herds are actively using rectal palpitation or ultrasound to detect pregnancy. While 70 percent of producers with herds of 200 head or more do use one of these methods, a mere 11 percent of those with 49 head or less do so to detect pregnancy. According to Dr. Ky Pohler, Texas A&M University, the beef industry is leaving a lot of income on the table because these accurate pregnancy detection methods are better utilized. (more…)

DIPA and H-2A farm worker housing

2019-08-29T13:44:56-05:00August 29, 2019|Eastern Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Farms employing H-2A workers are required to provide housing for them; however, the Division of Immigrant Policies and Affairs (DIPA), a part of the New York State Department of Labor (NYS-DOL), inspects and approves the housing. Caylin Gwise with the New York spoke on H-2A housing for a recent webinar hosted by the NY-DOL. (more…)

Huftalen Farm hosts pasture walk

2019-08-27T14:53:22-05:00August 27, 2019|Eastern Edition|

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“Milk fat depression (MFD) is an active process,” said Organic Valley Staff Veterinarian, Dr. Greg Brickner, keynote speaker at a recent Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, Inc. (NOFA-NY) field day sponsored by Organic Valley and Maple Hill Creamery, and hosted by Huftalen Farm, Erieville, NY. (more…)

Required reading

2019-08-26T15:31:45-05:00August 26, 2019|Eastern Edition|

by Sally Colby

An employee handbook might not be the most fascinating thing employees will read, but it’s important. Dan Dalton, Three Rivers Program Manager, PASA, said an effective employee handbook is part of a human resources strategy for managing and administering employment. (more…)

Dairy summer research update

2019-08-26T10:52:04-05:00August 26, 2019|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Katie Navarra

Dairy farmers in New York’s capital region gathered at King Brothers Dairy in Schuylerville, NY in mid-July to hear the latest outcomes of research by internationally renowned dairy reproduction expert Julio O. Giordano, DVM, MS, Ph.D. Giordano and a team of students from Cornell University’s Dairy Cattle Biology and Management Laboratory presented the findings from two recent studies. (more…)

Dairy and consumer trust

2019-08-26T13:33:31-05:00August 26, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Tamara Scully

The Dairy Sustainability Alliance is a membership group which includes dairy farmers, dairy cooperatives, processors, agribusiness service providers, retailers, and non-profits. It’s composed of a variety of stakeholders from massive corporate entities to individual producers, representing interests all along the dairy supply chain. The Dairy Sustainability Alliance is a program of the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy. (more…)

2019 Farm Field Day held at Musgrave Research Farm, part 2

2019-08-23T10:58:51-05:00August 23, 2019|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Award recipient Mike Hunter spoke to attendees about weed control in soybeans, with an emphasis on identifying and controlling herbicide-resistant weeds. “We’ve got to start spraying, really, by numbers now,” Hunter advised, explaining studies show some weeds with resistance to multiple sites of action. “We have a lot of glyphosate-resistant and ALS-resistant marestail in New York State, and that’s been difficult to deal with and it’s changed a lot of how we deal with soybeans and soybean weed controls.” (more…)