Dealing with hairy heel wart in beef cattle

2021-04-09T14:34:00-05:00April 9, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Sally Colby

Veterinarian and researcher Dr. Doerte Doepfer has seen a lot of foot problems in cattle, but said the two standouts are foot rot and hairy heel wart.

Hairy heel wart (also known as strawberry foot, raspberry heel, interdigital papillomatosis or digital dermatitis) has been an ongoing problem for dairy farmers. More recently, the issue has been showing up in beef herds. (more…)

Duvall discusses the future essential ag workforce

2021-04-06T16:00:15-05:00April 6, 2021|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Courtney Llewellyn

“Without labor nothing prospers,” said ancient Greek scribe Sophocles. The ongoing pandemic has brought attention to the role the agricultural workforce plays in ensuring Americans (and the world) are fed. But there are still major labor issues to be decided – H-2A reform, COVID-19 workforce safety and nurturing the next generations of ag leaders. These were the topics covered by American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall during his “Shaping the Future of Our Essential Agricultural Workforce” presentation during the virtual NASDA Winter Policy Conference. (more…)

Contract grazing tips

2021-04-09T15:17:20-05:00April 6, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Grazing one’s own land can provide an economic way to raise beef cattle; however, not every cattleman possesses enough land to effectively graze his herd. Whether he grazes his cattle on his own land or on someone else’s, it costs money. Father and son team Jon and Jared Luhman operate Dry Creek Red Angus. The family-owned direct market, grass-fed beef and organic cash crop farm is in Goodhue, MN. Their herd contract grazes on cover crops and crop residue, including their neighbor’s fields and at sites as remote as Nebraska. They shared their findings at “Contract Grazing Cover Crops for Winter Feed,” a recent webinar hosted by Practical Farmers of Iowa. (more…)

Tips and tricks for TikTok

2021-04-09T14:30:49-05:00April 6, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Courtney Llewellyn

It’s always about the next big thing, whether it’s a new model of phone or the new “superfood.” The big thing in content creation and sharing right now is TikTok.

The short, vertical videos on the app, often accompanied by prerecorded sound bytes or music, are dominating social media, but they’re not just for teens. Viral success can happen overnight, even for farmers and growers. You just need the right equipment, some inspiration and a message to share. (more…)

COVID-19 employment-related concerns for agriculture 2021

2021-04-06T15:25:52-05:00March 26, 2021|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Stephen Wagner

The COVID-19 pandemic has made itself at home in the U.S. for a year now. Michael Miller, a labor attorney with Eckert-Seamans, discussed how COVID is impacting the workplace in a virtual presentation through Penn State Extension. Insofar as vaccine distribution, Miller reminded us that there are three phases to that process. Phase 1a is dedicated to long-term care facility residents and professional medical personnel. The same is true of Phase 1b; people aged 75 and older are the main focus in this group, as well as first responders, correctional officers, postal workers and grocery store workers. Those ages 65 – 74 and 16 – 64 with high risk conditions are the main targets of Phase 1c, as of this writing. (more…)

New auctioneer bringing the latest and greatest to Empire Farm Days

2021-03-26T15:13:30-05:00March 26, 2021|Eastern Edition|

Making connections and learning about the newest ag technologies are definitely important parts of one of the best farm shows on the East Coast – Empire Farm Days, set for Aug. 3 – 5 – but another critical draw is the equipment auction. Those looking to get great deals on like-new equipment are in for a treat at this year’s show. (more…)

Branding means telling your story

2021-04-06T15:55:40-05:00March 26, 2021|Eastern Edition, New England Farm Weekly|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Branding may sound like a difficult job for savvy social media whizzes. But Dahlia Dill, owner of Chandler Pond Farm in Wheelock, VT, believes that any farmer can develop effective branding with just a few ideas. She presented “Social Media Tips & Tricks” as part of the New England Women in Livestock Virtual Winter Conference recently. (more…)

What the NYS dairy industry has been up to

2021-03-26T15:03:26-05:00March 26, 2021|Eastern Edition|

by Courtney Llewellyn

The New York State Dairy Promotion Order Advisory Board recently hosted a thorough, day-long update on all of its varied projects from 2020 recently, and some updates on what it would like to achieve this year. The Dairy Promotion Order, issued by the state’s ag commissioner and approved by the state’s milk producers, has producers pay 15 cents per hundredweight of milk for promotion. The board’s meeting was a good way to see where farmers’ money is going. (more…)

Dairy Forward grant helps NY dairies

2021-03-26T14:53:40-05:00March 26, 2021|Eastern Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

If your New York dairy farm could use professional services to plan for farm transition, investigate the Dairy Forward grant program. Molly Johnston-Heck, regional Farmland for a New Generation manager with American Farmland Trust, provided information in a recent webinar hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension and AFT. (more…)