CN-BF-1-Beef checkoff 1The beef checkoff, through the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, was positively represented to over 250 New England packers, restaurant operators, retailers, producers, and meat cutters at the first ever New England Meat Conference held in Concord, NH on March 22-23.
Honored as a Porterhouse sponsor, the beef checkoff had a presence at the two-day trade show during the conference where beef educational materials, cut charts, and merchandising materials were distributed. Attendees also had the opportunity to enter the “Best of Beef” raffle basket which included a signed copy of the “Art of Beef Cutting” by Kari Underly, Founder of Range, Inc. and a 5-piece Beef it’s What’s for Dinner kitchen steak knife set among other promotional materials.
The conference kicked off with a beef checkoff sponsored 60-minute educational demonstration presented by James Beard Nominated author Kari Underly, who broke down a square chuck primal for the attendees. Underly demonstrated the beef value cuts from both the beef shoulder clod and chuck roll in an effort to highlight the value potential and variety of cuts available from the beef chuck contrasted to the more traditional cuts fabricated from this primal.
“By having a presence at the first New England Meat Conference, the beef checkoff was able to reach a large crowd of influencers in the New England meat industry and for some of the attendees, this was their first interaction with the beef checkoff program,” notes Christie Brown, director of retail and foodservice for the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative. “The conference provided attendees with a very unique occasion for producers, packers, chefs, and retailers to all come together and openly discuss the opportunities and challenges throughout the production chain.”
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