BATAVIA, NY — The Animal Science Program at the Batavia Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center teaches both basic and advanced skills in such areas as health and disease, nutrition, reproduction, anatomy, physiology, parasitology, handling, restraint and management. Specialized skills in such areas as grooming, marketing, and leadership are also emphasized. Animal handling, management and care are practiced with a variety of species. Course work is geared to the interests and career direction of each individual student. Students also have the opportunity to belong to FFA. Through this national agricultural education organization, students are provided leadership development, personal growth, and career success opportunities.
Students are responsible for the care of small and large animals which includes chickens and sheep, as well as other farm animals.
This year, Holly Partridge, Animal Science Instructor at the Batavia CTE Center, applied for and was approved as a New York State (NYS) Grown and Certified Program provider of eggs.
“By being a New York State Grown and Certified Program, we are providing an opportunity for students to not only see agricultural production, but also a strong marketing and business component. Customers who purchase our eggs will have the opportunity to support students educational experience, and support a local producer,” Partridge said.
Jon Sanfratello, Executive Principal of the Batavia Campus, which includes the Batavia CTE Center, noted “This is a great accomplishment for our Animal Science and FFA program especially because this area is recognized as being an agricultural region. Our students will have the opportunity to grow, certify and sell to local vendors. There is an excellent opportunity for our students to see first-hand how vital agriculture is in our community.”
State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball said, “We are pleased to designate the Animal Science Program at the Batavia Career and Technical Education Center as a NYS Grown and Certified Program producer. Having this certification tells consumers three things: that the eggs they are buying are local, that the farm has a food safety plan in place, and that they also have an environmental management plan. We congratulate these students for being a part of the very first educational program in the state to receive this certification and we look forward to continuing to promote this next generation of agricultural leaders.”
To date, the Batavia CTE Center is the only school in the state that has been granted this certification.
Anyone interested in purchasing eggs, may contact Partridge at 585.344.7711.