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Effects of different organic pastures on dairy heifer growth and development

2020-06-05T10:08:04-05:00June 5, 2020|Mid Atlantic|

by Katie Navarra

Organic producers can find it challenging to raise heifers. On non-organic operations, heifers are typically fed total mixed rations (TMR), a balanced diet that provides all the necessary nutrients. While organic producers can use TMR, organic feed ingredients are costly. Often organic dairy farmers turn to pastures to trim expenses, but grazing tends to produce lower weight gains. However, there are studies indicating that a legume-grass mix can improve weight gain in heifers on pasture-based systems. (more…)

Culturing and types of mastitis

2020-06-05T10:34:06-05:00May 29, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Katie Navarra

Although mastitis results in changes in milk quality, it is not always caused by the same bugs. Mastitis is caused by several pathogen groups gram positive (Streptococcus spp. and Staphylococcus spp), gram negative (E. coli, Klebsiella spp.) and others. Even well-managed herds have some level of mastitis, which decreases milk quality and creates a loss in production and decreases the quality of milk products. Monitoring for and controlling are most important for keeping mastitis cases low, to less than 2% clinical cases on a farm. (more…)

Limiting production on purpose

2020-05-29T15:00:07-05:00May 29, 2020|Mid Atlantic|

Culling and extended milk feeding

by Sally Colby

Dr. Robert Van Saun, Penn State Extension veterinarian, and Dr. Jud Heinrichs, Penn State professor of dairy science, are well-known among dairy farmers and are often featured at events helping dairy farmers learn how to keep cows healthy in order to increase milk production. “We’re making efficient, quality milk, and now we have to face this very unusual challenge,” said Van Saun, adding that dairymen are being told to reduce production by close to 20%. (more…)

Why heifer maturity matters – the Peter Pan problem

2020-05-29T15:18:26-05:00May 29, 2020|New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Katie Navarra

Immature heifers leave a long shadow over a herd that cannot be remedied. Early calving may get milk faster, but over time total volume is comprised. During the Dairy Calf & Heifer Association (DCHA) Virtual Conference in April, Gavin Staley, technical services specialist, Diamond V, shared his evaluation of DairyComp305 production records, which sheds insight into the significant impact of heifer immaturity on whole herd production. (more…)