Peterson brothers rock the house

2020-01-23T14:47:30-05:00January 23, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Troy Bishopp

MUNNSVILLE, NY — In adventuresome farming fashion, Greg and Nathan Peterson and their wives, Brooke Anna and Riley flew from Kansas into New York City, rented a car and navigated through the maze of congested traffic and city tunnels to bring their inspiring and entertaining story to the rural Stockbridge Valley Central School. It’s just another day in the life of the country YouTube sensations and social media influencers. (more…)

Need to buy a new tractor? Research and ask questions for the best informed purchase

2020-01-23T14:35:02-05:00January 23, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Noah Radliff

During the year, diversified agricultural activities will eventually peak and equipment is needed the most. The mechanical heartbeat of the farm is the tractor. We all have our favorite color of tractors – one minute you’re “swearing by” and the next you’re “swearing at” because when you need it, it breaks down. Now your time, effort and energy (three things that are in short supply on a farm) need to be diverted from your farm’s pressing matters to fix your tractor. Sometimes we need to ask: Is it time to purchase a new tractor? (more…)

Wet distillers’ feeds for Eastern dairy producers gains popularity

2020-01-23T11:43:23-05:00January 23, 2020|Eastern Edition, Western Edition|

by Jon M. Casey

For the past several decades, distillers’ byproducts, also known as co-products, have been a regular addition to the ration programs of beef cattle feedlots throughout Western and Midwestern corn producing regions. This is due largely in part to the increased ethanol in the past 20 years. With this increased use of ethanol as fuel in the transportation industry, and the opening of new distilleries and ethanol plants closer to the corn-producing regions, a consistent source of feedstuffs has become available to nearby feedlots. More importantly, with the increase of corn being used to make ethanol in the U.S. (now over 35% of the annual crop) the increased cost of corn grain makes feeding ethanol co-products like wet distillers’ grains more attractive. (more…)

Basic first aid tips for horsekeepers

2020-01-23T11:16:57-05:00January 23, 2020|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

It was a dark, cold Sunday evening just a couple weeks ago and the horses were late coming home from their pasture to the barn for the night. I had their feed, water and hay all ready and was just getting a spare lead rope and flashlight to head out and see where they were when they appeared in the back paddock and headed into the barn. My relief was momentary, as I immediately noticed that Sabrina, my elder mare, seemed to be bleeding profusely from above her eye. I called my husband to come into the barn to help and was prepared to call the veterinarian if necessary, but decided first to calm down, take a deep breath and assess the situation. I put Morgan, our other mare, in her stall where she was happily occupied with eating and didn’t mind being closed in so I could attend to Sabrina. (more…)

Not just for the holiday birds

2020-01-23T09:11:26-05:00January 23, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Tamara Scully

Turkey may be the meat of Thanksgiving, but for some it’s the meat of Christmas and New Year’s Day, too. For others, a goose, duck, or Cornish game hen – or maybe something more “exotic” such as quail or partridge – might grace the holiday dinner table. Here’s a look at some of those birds which provide sustenance for our holiday tables, from the perspective of a farmer who raises them. (more…)