The technology to monitor plant health in the field has evolved very little in the last few decades.  Advancing Eco Agriculture is excited to introduce next generation plant sap analysis technology.  It can provide fast and accurate diagnosis of nutritional imbalances well in advance of the technology currently widely used.
Monitoring the nutrients in plant sap provides some fascinating insights into nutrient mobility and the factors that influence nutrients at different stages of growth.  Monitoring nutrient interactions and movement can quickly reveal a crop’s desired levels of nutrition for optimum yield and quality.  With the quick and accurate plant diagnosis of this technology, growers can often avoid disease and insect susceptibility before the problem is visible in the field.  This takes integrated pest management to a completely new level.
Plant sap analysis technology is one of many tools Advancing Eco Agriculture uses to help farmers and growers reach a new level of crop health and productivity.  Whether your farm produces fruit and vegetables, corn and beans, or dairy forages AEA can suggest changes to solve most production challenges and increase your bottom line.
Many challenges farmers and growers face can be reduced or eliminated with changes to plant nutrition and field fertilizer systems.   Plant nutrition has a strong influence on disease and insect pressure and drought tolerance as well as yield and test weight.  Often significant differences are found in crop storability for fruit and vegetable producers and animal performance on livestock farms.
Advancing Eco Agriculture is hosting two seminars in upstate NY this month.  Feb. 18th at Marbletown Fire Hall near Newark.  Feb. 19th at Center Brunswick Fire Hall in Troy.  John Kempf an internationally acclaimed crop consultant and founder of AEA will bring you the latest information on the new products and techniques that are changing the way we grow and protect crops.
These meetings are free for those who preregister a week in advance.  To register call 800-495-6603 or go to
Advancing Eco Agriculture will also be hosting a plant health seminar March 12-13th in Concord OH.  This seminar will be taught by Sjoerd Smits and Maikel van de Ven from NovaCropControl Laboratories and will focus particularly on the new sap analysis process.  This seminar will be primarily of interest to crop consultants and larger orchards and produce farms.  For more information or to register call 800-495-6603 or email