First and foremost, quality at Bobolink

2020-10-16T09:36:36-05:00October 16, 2020|Eastern Edition|

by Richard J. Skelly

MILFORD, NJ – Operating since the summer of 2010, the Bobolink Dairy and Bake House has quickly carved out a reputation for providing quality over quantity in foodie and organic farmer circles.

Known for their regenerative agricultural approach and practices, Jonathan and Nina White are second career farmers who kept their jobs while entertaining the possibility of eventually farming full-time.

Jonathan’s fascination with cheeses and cheesemaking led him to raising cows for milk. His cows at Bobolink are pasture-fed. (more…)

Good handling, BRD and antibiotic use

2020-10-16T09:30:35-05:00October 16, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Sally Colby

It’s a fact: Consumers are several generations removed from the farm and don’t understand agricultural production. While farmers have worked hard to garner consumer trust, there’s still a gap between what happens on the farm and what consumers believe. Despite education campaigns and increased farm transparency, many consumer distrust issues are centered on animal welfare and antibiotic use. (more…)

Organics: Influencing conventional agriculture

2020-10-16T09:26:51-05:00October 16, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

by Tamara Scully

The purpose of farming organically is to protect natural resources to produce an agricultural product. Organic growing requires farmers to work with the natural environment to promote a healthy biome – one where the balance of beneficial elements outweighs the presence of any detrimental ones and keeping disease and pests in check by creating nutrient-rich soils in which nutrient-dense, healthy crops can thrive. (more…)

Wild habitat as part of field conservation

2020-10-16T09:24:49-05:00October 16, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

While most farmers seek to keep animals away from their crops, Nathan and Sarah Anderson work at ways to integrate wildlife into natural habitats on Bobolink Prairie Farms, their Aurelia, Iowa, farm, to increase overall profitability. Practical Farmers of Iowa offered “Using Conservation to Improve Farm Profitability” as a recent webinar in which Nathan Anderson spoke about their edge-of-field conservation on marginal lands to provide water quality and wildlife benefits while improving return on investment on farmed acres. (more…)

Chenango County Ag-Stravaganza

2020-10-09T08:43:10-05:00October 9, 2020|Eastern Edition|

Chenango County Ag-Stravaganza

by Janet Pfromm, 4-H Coordinator

Chenango County 4-H and the Chenango County Agricultural Society partnered together this summer to host a 2020 Ag-Stravaganza for youth and adult exhibitors in Chenango and contiguous counties. The show boasted more than 100 exhibitors and 400 domestic projects and animals for competition.

4-H Domestic Projects, Judge’s Choice Awards to: Maygan Roy, David Palmer III, Aidan Brown-Smith, Meghan Funk, Sarina Bell, and Amon Van Alst.

Poultry Show, Judge: Jamie Matts

Novice Showmanship Champion: Annika Armstrong

Reserve: Noah Brandt

Junior Showmanship Champion: Amon Van Alst

Reserve: Maria Funk

Senior Showmanship Champion: Devon Fairchild

Reserve: Raichel Brandt

Master Showman: Devon Fairchild

Reserve: Amon Van Alst

Champion Bantam: Maria Funk

Champion Standard: Amon Van Alst

Champion Pigeon: Devon Fairchild

Champion Waterfowl: Noah Brandt

Champion Turkey: Amon Van Alst

Best In Show: Amon Van Alst, Rhode Island Red

Rabbit & Cavy Show, Judge: Kassie Rameaka

Novice Showmanship Champion: Sophia Bell

Reserve: Noah Brandt

Junior Showmanship Champion: Sarina Bell

Reserve: Mason O’Neil

Senior Showmanship Champion: Raichel Brandt

Master Showman: Raichel Brandt

Reserve: Sarina Bell

Champion American Fuzzy Lop: Sophia Bell

Champion Holland Lop: Sarina Bell

Champion Lionhead: Raichel Brandt

Champion Mini Rex: Mason O’Neil

Champion Netherland Dwarf: Ava Kemmeren

Champion Silver Fox: Klarissa Cotten

Champion Pet Rabbit: Phalen Hill

Best In Show Rabbit: Phalen Hill, Pet Rabbit

Champion American Cavy: Annika Armstrong

Champion Abyssinian Cavy: Annika Armstrong

Champion Peruvian Cavy: Noah Brandt

Best In Show Cavy: Annika Armstrong, American

Best In Show Overall: Phalen Hill, Pet Rabbit

Reserve Best In Show Overall: Annika Armstrong, American Cavy

Dairy Goat Show, Judge: Dr. Cynthia Shelly

Novice Champion Showman: Annika Armstrong

Reserve: Aidan Brown-Smith

Junior Champion Showman: Skyler Graham

Reserve: Abriauna Adams

Intermediate Champion Showman: Cole Warren

Reserve: David Palmer III

Senior Champion Showman: Paige Warren

Reserve: Devon Fairchild

Master Showman: Paige Warren

Reserve: Devon Fairchild


4-H Jr. & Res. Jr. Champions; Sr., Res. Sr., Grand & Res. Grand Champions: Abriauna Adams

Open Jr. Champion : Abriauna Adams

Res. Open Jr. Champion: Kaleigh Fairchild

Open Sr., Res. Sr., Grand & Res. Gr. Champions: Abriauna Adams


4-H Junior Champion, Res Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Maygan Roy

4-H Senior & Grand Champion: David Palmer III

Open Junior, Res. Junior Champion, Sr. & Grand Champion: Helen Powers

Open Res. Senior & Grand Champion: Susan Graham


4-H & Open Jr Champion; Res Grand Champion: Cole Warren

4-H & Open Res. Jr. Champion: Paige Warren

4-H & Open Sr. & Grand Champion: Meghan Funk


4-H & Open Jr., Sr. & Grand Champions: Cole Warren

4-H & Open Res. Jr. Champion: Skyler Graham

4-H & Open Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Davia Adams


4-H & Open Jr Champion; Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Devon Fairchild

4-H & Open Res. Jr. Champion: Cole Warren

4-H & Open Sr. & Grand Champion: Peyton Graham

Recorded Grade:

4-H & Open Jr. Champion: Peyton Graham

Open Jr. Champion: Addyson Olsen

4-H & Open Sr. & Grand Champion: Abriauna Adams

4-H & Open Res. Sr. & Grand Champion: Skyler Graham

Nigerian Dwarf:

Open Jr. Champion: Micaela Brandt

Open Res. Jr. Champion: Lucas Meseck

4-H & Open Sr. & Grand Champion; 4-H Res. Sr. Champion: Raichel Brandt

Open Res. Gr. Champion: Micaela Brandt


4-H & Open Jr. Champion & Res. Grand Champion: Maria Funk

4-H Res. Jr. Champion; Sr. & Grand Champion: Jase Adams

Open Res. Jr. Champion: Jamie Funk

Supreme Junior Doe of Show, 4-H & Open: Peyton Graham, Recorded Grade

Supreme Senior Doe of Show, 4-H & Open: Peyton Graham, Toggenberg

Best Udder of Show: Jase Adams, Oberhasli

Dairy Cattle, Judge: Doug Wolfe

Open Novice Champion Showman: Melody Van Gorder

Open Reserve: Garrus Van Gorder

4-H & Open Junior Champion Showman: Taylor Hodge

4-H & Open Reserve: Cora Hodge

4-H & Open Intermediate Champion Showman: Will Rumovicz

4-H Reserve: Owen Hill

Open Reserve: Chloe Davis

Open Senior Champion Showman: Mackinze Meisner

Open Reserve: Quinlan Davis

4-H Master Showman: Will Rumovicz

4-H Res. Master Showman: Taylor Hodge

Open Master Showman: Mackinze Meisner

Open Reserve: Quinlan Davis


Open Sr. & Grand Champion: Kyler Meisner

Brown Swiss:

Jr. Champion & Res. Grand Champion: Mackinze Meisner

Res. Jr. Champion: Anna Aukema

Sr. & Grand Champion: Chloe Davis


4-H & Open Jr. & Res. Jr.; Sr. & Res. Sr.; Grand & Res. Grand Champions: Will Rumovicz


4-H & Open Jr., Res. Jr., Sr. & Res. Sr., 4-H Grand & Res. Grand Champions: Lily Marshman

Open Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Greenview Farm


4-H Jr. & Res. Jr. Champion; Open Res. Jr. Champion; 4-H Res. Grand Champion: Cora Hodge

Open Jr. Champion: Adrienne Hodge

4-H & Open Sr. & Grand Champion: Taylor Hodge

4-H Res. Sr. Champion: Morgan Hodge

Open Res. Sr. & Res. Grand Champion: Chloe Davis

4-H & Open Junior Best in Show: Lily Marshman, Red & White Holstein

4-H & Open Best In Show, Best Bred & Owned, Best Udder: Lily Marshman, Red & White Holstein

Swine Show, Judge: Ashlee Young

Junior Champion Showman: Skyler Graham

Senior Champion Showman: Devon Fairchild

Reserve: Peyton Graham

Master Showman: Devon Fairchild

Reserve Master: Skyler Graham

Champion & Res. Champion Berkshire: Devon Fairchild

Champion Market Hog: Devon Fairchild

Supreme Market Animal: Devon Fairchild, Hog

Sheep Show, Judge: Ashlee Young

Open Novice Champion Showman: Grace Walley

Reserve: Anna Aukema

Open Junior Champion Showman: Brycen Aukema

4-H Junior Champion Showman & Res Open: Amon Van Alst

4-H & Open Senior Champion Showman: Emma Peila

4-H Master Showman: Emma Peila

4-H Reserve: Amon Van Alst

Open Master Showman: Brycen Aukema

Open Reserve: Emma Peila


4-H & Open Champion Ewe: Emma Peila


4-H & Open Champion & Res. Champion Ram: Amon Van Alst

4-H & Open Champion & Res, Champion Ewe : Amon Van Alst


Open Champion Ram: Conner Kane

Open Champion & Res. Champion Ewe: Conner Kane


Open Champion Ram & Res. Champion Ewe: Kassidy Miller

Open Champion Ewe: Conner Kane


Open Champion Ram: Aukema Family

Open Champion & Res. Champion Ewe: Aukema Family


Open Champion Ram & Ewe: Grace Walley

Commercial White Wool Breed:

4-H & Open Champion & Res. Champion Ewe: Amon Van Alst

Commercial Natural Wool Breed:

4-H & Open Champion & Res. Champion Ewe: Amon Van Alst

Commercial White Meat Breed:

4-H & Open Champion Ram: Emma Peila

4-H Supreme Champion Ewe: Emma Peila, Cheviot

Reserve: Amon Van Alst, CNWB

4-H Supreme Champion Ram: Amon Van Alst, Finn

Reserve: Emma Peila, CWMB

Open Supreme Ewe: Conner Kane, Shropshire

Reserve: Aukema Family, Suffolk

Open Supreme Ram: Aukema Family, Suffolk

Reserve: Conner Kane, Shropshire

Meat Goat Show, Judge: Ashlee Young

4-H & Open Junior Champion Showman; Master Showman: Skyler Graham

4-H & Open Senior Champion Showman; Res. Master Showman: Peyton Graham

4-H & Open Res. Senior Champion Showman: Jaryn Price

4-H Junior Champion: Jaryn Price

Open Junior & Res. Junior Champion: Jake Beers

4-H Sr., Res. Sr., Grand & Res. Grand; Open Res. Sr. Champion: Skyler Graham

Open Sr., Grand & Res. Grand: Jake Beers

Beef Show, Judge: Ashlee Young

Junior & Master Champion Showman: Ricky Pegg

Champion Shorthorn & Supreme Bull: Brittany Fairchild

Champion & Res. Champion Shorthorn Cow & Supreme Cow: Brittany Fairchild

Champion AOV Cow: Ricky Pegg

Champion Commercial Cow: Jake Beers

Champion Market Beef: Ricky Pegg

Horse Show

Walk/Trot-Jog Champion: Leena Harmon

Reserve: Micah Medovich

11 & Under E & W Champion: Marley Goedel

12 & Over E & W Champion: Kerri Johnson

Congratulations to all exhibitors on their accomplishments. To learn more about the Chenango County 4-H Program, visit, follow us on Facebook (chenango4h), call: 607.334.5841 x1112 or stop by 99 N. Broad St., Norwich, NY 13815.

Grass finishing cattle adds value

2020-10-09T08:47:25-05:00October 9, 2020|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

If you want to finish your beef cattle on grass, Jamie Hostetler of Rolling Meadows Farm in Bellevue, Iowa, offered some expert insights during “The Art of Grass Finishing Cattle,” a recent shared learning call hosted by Practical Farmers of Iowa. Hostetler profits $500 per acre from selling his beef cattle. (more…)

More ammo in the FMD vaccine bank

2020-10-16T09:37:40-05:00October 9, 2020|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Sally Colby

Between thinking about crop yields, weather and commodity prices, farmers sometimes ponder the unthinkable: the possibility of a foreign disease reaching the U.S.

One such disease is foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), which was in the news in the early 2000s when it hit Great Britain. Throughout that outbreak and to this day, the USDA works tirelessly to ensure that FMD and other disastrous diseases don’t enter America. (more…)

Goats, caramels and the Big Picture

2020-10-02T11:13:49-05:00October 2, 2020|New England Farm Weekly|

by Enrico Villamaino

There are a few select awards that recognize the very highest level of achievement in a craft. Film actors have the Oscar. Musicians have the Grammy. Even advertisers have the Clio.

Specialty food producers have the sofi Award, and the husband and wife team of Lucas Farrell and Louisa Conrad, owners and operators of Big Picture Farm in Townshend, VT, have just added two more sofi Awards to their growing collection. (more…)