CEW-MR-1-4H Dairy Quiz bowl9765Test your dairy knowledge — do you know the answers to these questions? What is the common name for Pneumonic pasteurellosis? According to the FDA, the official term for the ongoing relationship between a farm manager and veterinarian is called what? How many pounds of milk does it take to make one pound of authentic greek yogurt? (Answers are at the end so read on.)
Six Tompkins County 4-H members have dedicated six Saturday afternoons to study and prepare for the South Central Regional 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest. They’ve learned the answers to these questions, and much more! The Regional Contest was held on Saturday, March 15 at Chenango Forks Elementary School. The Tompkins County members earned the following success:
Novice – Individual, Kevin Patt, son of Steve and Laurie Patt
Senior Team – 2nd place: Dina Rigas, 3rd individual, daughter of John and Cheryl Rigas; Brian Lampman, 6th individual, son of John and Betsy Lampman; Eleni Rigas, daughter of John and Cheryl Rigas; Emily Lampman, daughter of John and Betsy Lampman
Dina will represent the District at the NYS Contest to be held at Cornell University in April. The 4-H members were mentored and coached by three Cornell Animal Science students; Katie Shaw, Jaime Mowry, and Meghan Vail.
The answers to the questions are: 1) Shipping Fever, 2: Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR); 3) four pounds.
Congratulations to the young people involved in this contest, and their commitment to learning about the dairy industry. For more information on the 4-H program in Tompkins County contact Brenda Carpenter, btc6@cornell.edu, or check out our website at ccetompkins.org.