by Lisa Kempisty, Extension Community Educator, CCE Chautauqua County

The 4-H Dairy Show took place July 23 at the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds with 33 4-H youth participating from Chautauqua County who received ribbons and other awards for their efforts showing five different breeds of dairy cattle. The official judge was Katie Coyne from Geneseo, NY.

The youth, ages 9 – 19, showed their dairy animals in 4-H dairy showmanship and in the judging contest. This year there were seven youth ages 5 – 8 participating in the showmanship class for DairyBuds. They were not judged for placings, but participated to gain experience being in the show arena and interacting with the dairy judge. All 4-H dairy youth received a Chautauqua County 4-H Dairy T-shirt for their accomplishments in the program.

Congratulations to all the 4-H dairy exhibitors on their many achievements at the 2021 4-H Dairy Show. A special thanks to 4-H Dairy Junior Superintendents, Jillian Bond, and Katie and Maggie King, Cherry Creek Corn Huskers 4-H Club, who assisted the younger members with their dairy animals and helped wherever needed.

Showmanship Results

First place youth in the first three age groups received a 4-H belt buckle. The beginners who had never shown in 4-H received a 4-H clover bag.

  • Seniors (17 – 18) – 1st: Miranda Nickerson, lone member; 2nd: Corinne Covert, Little Brokenstraws
  • Juniors (15 – 16) – 1st: Erma Wolcott, lone member; 2nd: Jillian Bond, lone member; 3rd: Brason Frederes, lone member; 4th: Cole Nickerson, lone member
  • Beginners (10 – 13, have shown before in 4-H) – 1st: Ava Meyer, Country Critters; 2nd: Ana Frederes, lone member; 3rd: Ava Burridge, lone member; 4th: Carlie Ward, lone member
  • Beginners (8 – 10, have not shown before in 4-H) – 1st: Grace Meyer, Country Critters; 2nd: Brielle Crowell, lone member; 3rd: Tyler Crowell, Country Critters; 4th: Elise Marsh, Country Critters
  • DairyBud Participants (5 – 8) – Each DairyBud received a bucket with show supplies, a DairyBud ribbon, a DairyBud T-shirt and a 4-H clover bag: Westyn Bruyer, August Carlberg, Owen Carlberg, Evan Mierzwa, Ella Olmstead, Violet Walker and Paige Winton.
  • Grand Champion Dairy Showman: Erma Wolcott
  • Reserve Grand Champion Showman: Ava Meyer

Dairy Conformation Results

  • Spring Heifer Calf:

Brown Swiss – 1st: Carlie Ward, lone member

Holstein – 1st: Levi Mierzwa, Centralia Corner Kids; 2nd: Tyler Crowell, Country Critters; 3rd: Elise Marsh, Country Critters; 4th: Grace Meyer, Country Critters

  • Winter Heifer Calf:

Ayrshire – 1st: Erma Wolcott, lone member; 2nd: LynnDee Nagel, lone member

Brown Swiss – 1st: Ava Burridge, lone member; 2nd: Carlie Ward, lone member

Holstein – 1st: Ava Meyer, Country Critters; 2nd: Levi Mierzwa, Centralia Corner Kids; 3rd: Brielle Crowell, lone member

Jersey – 1st: Rhett Nagel, lone member; 2nd: Jillian Bond, lone member

  • Fall Heifer Calf:

Holstein – 1st: Brason Frederes, lone member; 2nd: Levi Mierzwa, Centralia Corner Kids

Jersey – 1st: Cole Nickerson, lone member; 2nd: Elizabeth Burridge, lone member; 3rd: Jillian Bond, lone member

Milking Shorthorn – 1st: Elizabeth Burridge, lone member

  • Summer Yearling Heifer

Brown Swiss – 1st: Ava Burridge, lone member

Holstein – 1st: Miranda Nickerson, lone member; 2nd: Devon Centner, Stockton Panthers

Jersey – 1st: Jasmine Bond, lone member; 2nd: Ava Burridge, lone member

  • Spring Yearling Heifer

Brown Swiss – 1st: LynnDee Nagel, lone member

Jersey – 1st: Corinne Covert, Little Brokenstraws

  • Winter Yearling Heifer

Brown Swiss – 1st: Cole Nickerson, lone member

Jersey – 1st: Jasmine Bond, lone member

Junior Champions

Youth received a large, colorful champion or reserve champion rosette.

  • Ayrshire: Erma Wolcott; Reserve Ayrshire: LynnDee Nagel
  • Brown Swiss: Cole Nickerson; Reserve Brown Swiss: LynnDee Nagel
  • Holstein: Ava Meyer; Reserve Holstein: Miranda Nickerson
  • Jersey: Cole Nickerson; Reserve Jersey: Corinne Covert
  • Milking Shorthorn: Elizabeth Burridge

Many thanks to the 4-H Dairy Committee members for planning and helping during the show, including Dan Crowell, Brian Jantzi, Gwen Nagel, Bart Nickerson, Kelsey Neckers, Lisa McConnell, Lynn Harris, Heather Woodis and Arissa Hitchcock. Thanks also to Mick Lanphere for staying in the dairy barn overseeing the cattle.

A special thank you to the many agribusinesses and families that made financial donations to the 4-H Dairy Project to assist with the show and educational programs for the 4-H dairy youth throughout the year: Jeff Winton Associates & Wall Street Dairy LLC; Kate and Jim Finch; Nick and Diane Frederes; Brian and Mary Jantzi and Family; Joe and Linda Powell; LandPro Equipment; Gramco; Perry Veterinary Clinic PLLC; Gabel’s IBA; Randy Wiltsie, Southern Tier AI Service; Weaver Livestock; Chautauqua County Holstein Club; Niagara Frontier Jersey Cattle Club; Joe Ivory; Green Banks Farm; Ormond Farm LLC; Dye’s Farm & Dye’s Maple Syrup – Peggy and Tim Dye; Karen and Phil Johnson; Carrie Gaynor and Families in memory of Richard J. Lind; Miller’s Dairy Farm; R-Betterview Farm; Brehm Farms, Bradley and Jessica Brehm; Monty and Deb Winton; Jay Gould, Legislator, District 17; Brian and Sarah Winton; Dennis A. Carlberg and Family, Falcon Crest Holsteins; William Moss; James and Jennifer Dye, Colonial Hill Farm; Mid-Knight Dairy LLC; and Kent and Nannette Knappenberger Family, Allen-Dale Farm. Much appreciation to Mike Wilson, Larry Romance & Son, for providing the skid steer to use in the barns and show rings at this year’s 4-H shows.

The 4-H Youth Development Program is one of many programs offered by CCE Chautauqua County. For more information, call 716.664.9502 or visit


4-H youth receive awards at 4-H Dairy Show at Chautauqua County Fairgrounds