Taking place on a drizzly New England Saturday afternoon, the Eastern States Exposition’s 4-H Beef Show went off without a hitch inside the Mallary Arena. Youth from 4-H clubs across New England participates in both the heifer and steer shows.

Judging the Sept. 23 event was Shawn Varner of Liberty, MO. Varner has previously judged at the American Royal, National Western and other large shows and state fairs as well as many Jackpot shows.

Winners of the heifer show by breed are listed below:

  • Aberdeen Grand Champion: Havana Upshaw, Lowell, MA, with NE Katana 15K; Reserve Champion: Kyleigh Borden, Haverhill, MA, with NE Kit Kat
4-H Beef Heifer Show at the Big E

Havana Upshaw and Kyleigh Borden with their Aberdeen heifers. Photos by Courtney Llewellyn

  • Aberdeen Percentage Grand Champion: Brielle Moulton, Westford, MA, with NE Karamel
  • Angus Grand Champion: Lucy-Ellen Lippert, Portland, Maine, with HF Kaye 224
  • Belted Galloway Grand Champion: Abigail Caron, Corinna, Maine, with Casa Cattle Once Upon a Time; Reserve Champion: Leah Bertrand, Rochester, MA, with OPF Estrella Faye

Brody Miller with his Belted Galloway spring yearling heifer.

Belted Galloway Grand Champion Abigail Caron shows her senior yearling heifer.

  • Crossbred Grand Champion: Madison Perkins, North Stonington, CT, with HH Jolene; Reserve Champion: Lauren Snyder, Sutton, MA, with Aayla
  • Hereford Grand Champion: Morgan DeMarest, Terryville, CT, with LCC 6026 Remetee 120K-ET; Reserve Champion: Luke Bergeron, Belchertown, MA, with Carter Miss Adamina 101K

The Hereford senior heifer calf class (L – R): Matilda Gervais, Luke Bergeron and Hayden Clark.

  • Highland Grand Champion: Olivia Nason, Boscawen, NH, with Sky of Lamb Farm; Reserve Champion with OBN Summer
  • Other Registered Breed Grand Champion: Kaylin Couto, Foster, RI, with Rodfame Betty; Reserve Champion: Chase Kading, Millbrook, NY, with Terra Rubras 2215 Belle
  • Shorthorn Grand Champion: Madelyn Syme, South Windsor, CT, with Syme Cherry Bomb; Reserve Champion: Jade Fitch, Chesterville, Maine, with Primrose

Madelyn Syme (L) and Lilian Grenier handle their Shorthorn spring yearling heifers.

  • Simmental Grand Champion: Henry Skuza, Millbrook, NY, with Miley K26; Reserve Champion: Eva McBride, Shapleigh, Maine, with 4 Star Maui
  • Simmental Percentage Grand Champion: Haley-Ann Lynch, Southwick, MA, with HS Lady K783

Grand Champion Heifer HH Jolene, shown by Madison Perkins.

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Syme Cherry Bomb, shown by Madelyn Syme.

After some serious consideration by Judge Varner, Madison Perkins was named the 4-H Beef Heifer Show Grand Champion, and Madelyn Syme was named Reserve Grand Champion.

by Courtney Llewellyn