2018 Wyoming County 4-H State Fair youth building results
WARSAW, NY — One hundred and eighty-five exhibits from Wyoming County 4-H’ers were on exhibit and judged at this year’s New York State Fair in Syracuse, Wednesday, Aug. 22 – Monday, Sept. 3. A breakdown of 128 blues, 39 reds, 5 whites, and 13 participation ribbons (including Cloverbud exhibits) were awarded to Wyoming County 4-H exhibits.
Congratulations to the following 4-H members whose projects were chosen to represent Wyoming County and were on exhibit at this year’s New York State Fair.
Communications & Expressive Arts: Elliana Wolcott.
Food & Nutrition (including Preserved Foods): Nathan Foss (two items), Jack Heppner, Danielle Herrick (two items), Rebekah Spicer (three items), Nathan Zywiczynski, Macy Boss, Noelle Milhollen (three items), Morgan Milhollen (two items), Autumn Milhollen (two items), Sam Borer, Elizabeth Kirsch, Autumn Patterson, David Zywiczynski, Abigail Parker (six items), Grace Zywiczynski, Mya Hardie (two items), Mary Vandenbosch, Meghan Youngers (two items), Taylor Bishoff (three items), Alexa Wolcott (four items), Ellianna Wolcott (two items), Megan Minkel, Rachael Paddock, and Caleb Spicer.
Fine Arts & Crafts: Rebecca Semmel (two items), Megan Minkel (two items), Grace Zywiczynski (two items), Danielle Herrick, Jenna Brace, Kendra Brace, Linsey Frew, Payton Romance, Taylor Heineman, James Prattico, Sol Hauser, Levi Hauser, Macy Boss, Amelia Homac, Katelyn Hardie (two items), Rachel Zielinski, Alexa Wolcott, Katie Fisher, Rebekah Spicer, Matthew Schreiber, and Abigail Schreiber.
Hobby Crafts & Home Environment: Megan Minkel, Abigail Schreiber, Elliana Wolcott, Elizabeth Skrzypek, Victoria Williams, Jacob Williams, Emily Williams, Abilene Foss (two items), Nathan Warriner, Tyler Day, Carolyn Waligora, Phyllissa Mitzel (two items), Tyler Logsdon, Abigail Parker (two items), Taylor Fontaine, Rebecca Semmel (three items), and Abigail Skillman.
Child Development/Care: Tyler Day.
Wearable Art: Anthony Kemp-Lewis.
Textile & Clothing: Katie Fisher (two items), Lilly Auger, Colton Auger, Alexa Wolcott (two items), Elliana Wolcott, Macy Boss, Madelyn Burger, Sarah Bookmiller, Sophia Bookmiller (two items), Joshua Kirsch, Charlotte Kirsch, Abigail Schreiber, Autumn Patterson.
In addition, Abigail Parker had her dress selected for State Fair but could not have it formally judged due to her participation in the NYS Fair Fashion Revue.
Visual Arts/Photography: Maggie Almeter, Caleigh Castlevetere, Emma Phillips, Kelsey Hartman, Rebekah Spicer (two items), Hannah Spicer, Sophia Bookmiller (two items), Sarah Bookmiller, Kaitlyn Gallagher, and Damian Barrett.
Vegetables: Dylan Mirrione (six items), Elizabeth Skrzpek (seven items), David Zywiczynski (eight items), Grace Zywiczynski (eight items).
Container Garden: Morgan Capen.
Cut Flowers: Erika Conrad (one item), Dylan Mirrione (one item), Grace Zywiczynski (five items), Nathan Zywiczynski (one item), Abigail Skillman (two items), and Addison Zielenieski (six items).
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathmatics): Alexa Wolcott, Nathan Perl, Gabriel Shepard, Jack Heppner, Nick Morley, Lucas Jones, and Hunter Anderson.
Cloverbud Exhibits: Eleanor Perl, Mary Harwood, Levi Wilcox, Addison Day, Olivia Harkins, Bryanna Wozniak, Anna Towsley, and Anthony Strzelec.
Congratulations to the following Wyoming County 4-H’ers for receiving purple “Special Recognition” and blue “Best of Fair” rosettes at the state fair:
Abigail Parker (Date Pinwheels), Sam Borer (White Chocolate Chunk Cookies), Mary Vandenbosch (Orange Drop Cookies), Abigail Parker (Pumpkin Nut Muffins), Abigail Parker (Lemon Chiffon Cake), David Zywiczynski (Coffee Cake), Taylor Heineman (Elephant Drawing), Abigail Schreiber (Genealogy), Abigail Parker (Owl Cross Stitch Picture), Nathan Warriner (Recycled Tractor Bench), Katie Fisher (Blouse), and Grace Zywiczynski (Gladiola). In addition, Katie Fisher received a ‘Best of Fair’ blue rosette for her clothing items (blouse and jeans) and Abigail Parker received two ‘Best of Fair’ blue rosettes, one of her food exhibits and one for her ‘owl cross stitch’ home environment project.
Congratulations and thank you also to the following 4-H’ers who represented Wyoming County at the New York State Fair, Wednesday, Aug. 22 – Sunday, Aug. 26:

  • State Fair Fashion Revue: Genevieve Homac, Abigail Parker, Hannah Spicer, Cailin Shanahan, Natalie Shanahan, Alexa Wolcott, and Margot Treadwell (commentator).
  • State Fair Produced in NYS Foods Presentation: Macy Boss, Alexa Wolcott, Elliana Wolcott, and Emily Harwood.
  • 4-H Public Presentation: Danielle Herrick.
  • Teen Evaluators: Caleigh Castlevetere, Genevieve Homac, Abigail Parker, Hannah Spicer and Aurora Mysliwiec.
  • County Booth Teen Leaders: Abigail Schreiber, Alexis Meisner, Aurora Mysliwiec, Genevieve Homac, Abigail Parker, and Hannah Spicer.
  • Thank you also to our adult volunteer helper Kay Swyers!

To find how your children can become involved in 4-H, contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Wyoming County 4-H office at 585.786.2251 or visit their website at http://wyoming.cce.cornell.edu .