North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar and Tradeshow

CN-MR-1-FRUIT-VEG-SEMINAR-021by Heather Bryant, Regional Field Specialist, Food and Agriculture

Bright and early Thursday morning, Oct. 29, 126 people arrived in Whitefield for the annual North Country Fruit and Vegetable Seminar and Tradeshow. This was the sixth year we’ve run this program at the Mountain View Grand and as usual they came through with an “as local as possible” meal which included squash, beets, kale and tomatoes grown by some of the attendees. [Read more…]

Genetic practices to improve: Beef cattle reproduction

By Darrh Bullock, University of Kentucky

Reproduction has a great impact on the profitability of beef cattle producers and is therefore an important consideration when making genetic management decisions. Due to the low heritability of most reproductive traits many producers feel there is little that can be done through genetic management and rely solely on other management practices such as health programs and nutrition management.  While nutrition and health are critical to good reproductive rates, this publication will focus on genetic practices that can have a positive impact on reproduction.

[Read more…]

The media connects with New York agriculture

CEW-MR-4-Media-connects792011by Troy Bishopp

WATERLOO, NY — “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” This quote embodied the inaugural 2015 Food and Farm Experience where members of print, web and television media came to Seneca County to learn about the many facets of New York Agriculture.

“We were very excited to be able to put together the Food and Farm Experience,” said NYFB Foundation Director, Sandra Prokop. “The funding from the American Agriculturist Foundation, Inc. allows us to plan and launch the program during its inaugural year.” [Read more…]

Take time to observe the needs of cows

CE-Mr-3-Stolzfus-pasture11by Pat Malin

MUNNSVILLE, NY — Raising cattle on pasture should be neither a 24/7 task nor a thankless job.

According to Dave Roberts, a grazing specialist for the USDA, if a farmer takes the time to observe the cycle of growth in the pasture and the cattle’s natural tendencies, the animals can practically raise themselves.

Roberts, who is based in Oneida County, was the guest speaker as Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida and Madison counties invited local grazers to an end-of the season pasture walk at the Stolzfus Farm on Oct. 16. He discussed how to evaluate pasture conditions and marketing options for beef producers. [Read more…]