2016 Championship Skid Steer Rodeo won by Mitchell Stinespring

cm-mr-19-4-Skid-steer-rodeo1by Jon M. Casey

The 2016 Country Folks Championship Skid Steer Rodeo at the Virginia Farm Show, was sponsored by the Virginia Farm Bureau and Young, Nicholas, Branner & Phillips, LLP an accounting firm located in Harrisonburg, VA. With fifteen competitors competing for cash and trophies on six skid loaders, this year’s competition found several new names at the top of the winner’s list. When the dust settled, Mitchell Stinespring walked away as this year’s Champion. [Read more…]

Goat meat featured at 100th PA Farm Show

CM-37-1-Goat-meat-feature1dby T.W. Burger

According to the U.S. Extension Service, goat meat has been making inroads into the U.S. market for some time. That fact was hammered home at the 100th running of the Pennsylvania State Farm Show this January in Harrisburg.

For the first time ever, goat meat was featured in the show’s food court, served as a mild, slightly sweet blend of ground meat and taco sauce in a dish called “Walking Goat Tacos.”

Volunteers at the stand reported the treat was selling well. One member of the state meat goat association said the meat was “practically selling out every day.”  [Read more…]

Lee Newspapers makes an investment in the future of printing

CEW-MR-3-Lee-Newspapersq2Starting in late 2014, Lee Newspapers began the process of upgrading their printing capabilities.

Lee produces an average of 87,000 publications each week and uses about 40,000 pounds of newsprint. Over 95 percent of our printing is our own publications. Our goal is to upgrade the appearance of our publications and to also serve the commercial printing needs of publishers and customers in our surrounding area. To do this we needed to bring in some newer and faster equipment. [Read more…]

Cattle breeding class hosted by Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC, part 1

CEW-MR-1-Cattle-breeding1281by Judy Van Put

The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County office in Liberty, NY, was the location for an interesting and in-depth class on cattle breeding one chilly January day. Sponsored by Dr. Joseph D’Abbraccio and Dr. Kimberley Crowe of the Catskill Veterinary Services, PLLC, the class was well attended and well received.

Dr. Kim began her seminar on cattle breeding with a discussion focusing on reproductive anatomy of the cow; as she explained that many people are handling the breeding of their own animals today and may or may not be using synchronization protocols. Today’s research shows that knowing what specifically is happening with the animal makes a big difference in the success of breeding and the delivery of a healthy offspring, and learning and knowing reproductive anatomy is very important. [Read more…]

Somerset County lamb brings home the Purple Banner at 100th Farm Show

CEW-19-4-PA-farm-sheep21HARRISBURG, PA – Logan Svonavec from Rockwood, Somerset County and his 144-pound crossbred lamb took home the top honor of Grand Champion Junior Market Lamb on Sunday, Jan. 10 at the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg.

Before receiving the show’s highest honor, Svonavec and his lamb were awarded the Champion Crossbred Middleweight title as well as the title for overall Champion Crossbred. [Read more…]