Soil Health: Managing soil pH, managing cover crops, reducing tillage

by Katie Navarra

Traditionally, production and yield were a farmer’s primary focus. Today, the environmental impact of farming practices is also among the top priorities for many farmers. “We only used to look at the production of our fields,” said Donn Branton, owner of Branton Farms, LLC in LeRoy, NY, “today our goals include leaving the soil a little better than when we started working it.” [Read more…]

Dygert Dairy~ A family tradition

CE-MR-2-Dygert-Dai1ry2by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“A lot has changed since we came back home in 2009!” said Rob Dygert of Dygert Dairy, Nelliston, NY.

Dygert had come back as the 13th generation farmer with his wife Shannon to take over the farm he had grown up on; a farm that has been in the family since 1723.

“We started out milking 60 cows in the original tie stall,” Dygert recalls. [Read more…]

It’s all about timing

CM-44-2-Timing-2hayby Sally Colby

When it comes to making hay, Clayton Geralds doesn’t pretend he can advise anyone how to grow hay, but he’s willing to talk about what works for him. Although Geralds grows hay in central Kentucky, the terrain and growing conditions are similar to those in the mid-Atlantic region. [Read more…]

Managing the beasts within

CE-MR-3-Managing-the-61109by Sally Colby

Dairy producers who use pasture-based systems want to see healthy animals with good growth from the start. One aspect of managing cattle on pasture is managing their internal parasites.

Penn State extension veterinarian Dr. Robert Van Saun says that although internal parasites haven’t been a problem for most dairy herds in the past, they’re becoming more of an issue. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parasite management. [Read more…]

State 4-H horse hippology team selected April 2 in Woodstock

CN-17-1-State-24-HFour Vermont 4-H teens have earned a spot on the state 4-H horse hippology team for their keen horse judging skills and in-depth knowledge of horses and the equine industry.

Callon Fish, Rutland; Lauren Hodsden, Bridport; Olivia Suker, Shrewsbury; and Kassidy Wyman, Cambridgeport; made the team after placing in the top four in the Senior Division (14 and older) at the State 4-H Horse Hippology Contest, April 2. The event took place at Kedron Valley Stables, South Woodstock (judging) and Woodstock High School, Woodstock (written test, cognitive and hands-on skills tests and identification stations). Hosts were University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H and Windsor County 4-H.   [Read more…]