Delaware 4-H and FFA Spring Dairy Expo results

Forty-seven exhibitors presented 66 entries to judge Aaron Horst of Hershey, PA at the recent Delaware 4-H and FFA Spring Dairy Expo held at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington, DE. Champion awards were presented to the following entries and exhibitors: [Read more…]

Sprouted grains for grazing dairies

CW-MR-1-Sprouted-gr1ains1by Tamara Scully

Sprouted grains have become a “very controversial” and a “very hot topic” in dairy grazing, Dr. Kathy Soder, Animal Scientist, USDA-ARS, said in the recent eORganic webinar “Evaluating Sprouted Grains on Grazing Dairy Farms.”

“You’re taking a grain, and you’re sprouting it.” [Read more…]

Partnerships enhance next generation resources in dairy

HARRISBURG, PA – The Center for Dairy Excellence and Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania have strengthened partnerships with both the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association and the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program. The two partnerships focus on expanding and enriching the Center Foundation’s “Next Generation” initiatives, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow and Discover Dairy, while building greater support for broad industry collaboration through the Center for Dairy Excellence. [Read more…]

Herkimer County Dairy Princess

CE-MR-2-Herkimer-Coun1ty-DP12by Michael Wren

WEST WINFIELD, NY — It’s a beautiful day for a drive as I begin my trip to meet with this year’s Herkimer County Dairy Princess. As I arrive at my destination, Ellie Ainslie, the person who currently holds the title, meets me. As we begin our conversation I realize how well spoken and confident she is when talking about the dairy industry. Living on her current farm since 2001 Ellie is no stranger to working on a farm. Coming from multiple generations of dairy farmers she plans to always keep it as a part of her life. Whether giving seminars or working with a 4-H organization, she wants to continue the strong tradition of dairy farming and educating the general population on the subject. [Read more…]

2016 Virginia Beef Expo Junior Angus Show

CM-PP-Angus21Angus exhibitors led 65 entries at the 2016 Virginia Beef Expo Junior Angus Show, April 17 in Harrisonburg, VA. Randy Daniel of Colbert, GA and Chandler Akins of Nashville, GA evaluated the entries before naming champions. [Read more…]