Success with agritourism

gm-mr-43-1-agritourismby Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Winter is a great time of year to make plans for improving and expanding your agricultural business to generate more profit for the future. Many farms are having success with promoting their business through agritourism.

The first step to that success is to determine what your options and opportunities are, and what your personality traits are best suited to. [Read more…]

Dellavale Dairy opens doors ~ educating public about dairy farm life

ce-mr-3-dellavale-dairy3by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“We need to educate the public so they understand how healthy dairy products are,” said Terri (Phillips) Nelson at Dellavale Dairy’s open house and Cabot Day.

Nelson said she believes the dairy industry is the most misunderstood sector of the Ag industry. “I think it’s important to educate the public because we are five generations out from farm life, so consumers don’t really know what dairy farms are about.” [Read more…]

Dairy Automation Tour: Lehigh Creek Farm

cm-mr-57-1-lehigh-creek-tour1by Tamara Scully

Equipment and feed dealers, dairy producers and other industry representatives gathered at two Berks County, Pennsylvania farms for an in-depth exploration of precision technology. Hosted at the Stutzman family’s Lehigh Creek Farm in Mertztown and Cornerview Farm in Kutztown, attendees received a close-up look at the use of automation on mid-sized family dairy farms. [Read more…]

Homegrown Thanksgiving

cn-mr-30-3-homegrown-thanksg1iving-9806-use-copy-2by Lorraine Strenkowski

A poultry tractor, (sometimes called an ark), is a movable coop without a floor. This housing allows free ranging along with shelter, where birds can consume fresh forage such as grass, weeds, bugs, worms, or grubs. Most poultry tractors are lightly built A-frames which one person can drag to designated areas in their yard. It may have wheels on one or both ends to make travel easier. [Read more…]

Hillside Turkey Farms faces the holiday season

cm-mr-36-3-hillside-turkey2bby Hope Holland        

Judi Smith and her family are pretty busy right now. This is crunch time for all five turkey houses on their three-generation family farm that work in conjunction with the family business of processing for the Hillside Turkey Farms Store in the not so small town of Thurmont, MD, a town that has worked to maintain its friendly small town identity. [Read more…]