Seventeen breeds of sheep represented at 32nd annual Northeast Youth Sheep Show

CN-MR-43-3-NEYSS-sheep-sho1w4616by Paul Burdziakowski

The 32nd annual Northeast Youth Sheep Show (NEYSS) and the New England Private Treaty Sale took place July 14-17 at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA. Admission was free to watch the four-day event, which featured New England youths practicing their sheep showmanship skills and top breeders selling various breeds of sheep. [Read more…]

Progressive Agricultural Organization implores government officials to pursue Specter-Casey Bill

CE-MR-3-Progressive-Ag1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Government representatives from New York State Senator James L. Seward (R, C, IP), 51st Senate District, and U.S. House of Representatives Richard Hanna (R), 22nd Congressional District of New York, attended a press conference at Fitch’s Dairy in West Winfield on June 27, to hear the passionate plea of dairy farmers for support of the Spector-Casey Bill to help lift dairy farmers out of the pit they are in. [Read more…]

Wholey Cow Farm

CN-MR-33-3-Wholey-Cow89318by Laura Rodley

Wholey Cow Farm in Conway, MA is now ready to sell raw milk. The long awaited labels featuring a handsome cow with a halo arrived on Friday, July 8. They already had the cows, two caramel colored Jerseys and their calves. John and Jane Wholey own the farm and yes, the name Wholey is pronounced, “holy.”

His father Lawrence bought three parcels in 1922, first in Conway and later in Shelburne, running the farms together as Ferry Farm. Having been busy working for the Boston and Maine Railroad since 1909, his father used hired help. [Read more…]

Maryland renews high path avian influenza emergency orders

Poultry entering state must be tested or certified healthy

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland Secretary of Agriculture has extended Emergency Orders to prevent High Path Avian Influenza from infecting Maryland poultry flocks. These measures are in response to the continuing threat of an outbreak. The quarantine orders require all hatching eggs and poultry entering the state to be tested within 10 days or come from certified clean sources. Poultry markets must maintain records of all birds sold or purchased. The quarantine also orders that all commercial poultry farms must meet basic biosecurity and sanitation practices, including: [Read more…]

Navigating and negotiating permits and regulations key in promoting agritourism

CF4-GR--MR-4-NAVIGATING-PERMITSby Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Opening your agricultural doors and inviting the public in to enjoy a day in the country touring your farm, picking their own fruit and vegetables, or other events to promote your farm and agriculture in general may sound like a great way to drum up business.

Did you know if you don’t make special handicap accommodations you can be sued (of course these suits always include attorney’s fees)? [Read more…]