Happy cows are productive cows

CE-MR-3-Tafel-Dairy7by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“We believe this is the ultimate in cow comfort!” 32-year-old Adam Tafel remarked. “Bunk space is not issue, lunge room is not an issue, footing and comfortable bedding is also not an issue.”

Tafel and his wife, Margaret, operate a grass fed, organic dairy in Laurens, NY, where intensive, rotational grazing, sunshine and fresh air, May through October, keep their 230 head herd happy and healthy. “Udder health is better, as well as hoof health.” [Read more…]

Georges Mill: No regrets

CM-33-3-George's-Mill-1by Karl H. Kazaks

LOVETTESVILLE, VA — When Molly Kroiz and her husband Sam moved to his family farm in Loudon County, it was clear what they were going to do.

“I wanted to make cheese,” Molly said, who had previously done so on a home-scale basis.

This would be different, though: a commercial-scale business on a farm for a couple who had never farmed before. [Read more…]

Molodich Farms: steadily improving since 1923

CN-MR-50-3-Molodich-Farms6121by Kristen M. Castrataro

In 1923, Mike Molodich’s grandparents headed East from Ohio due to his grandfather’s battle with black lung. The Connecticut realtor showing them farms was starting to get frustrated when property after property failed to catch their attention. In response to the realtor’s suspicion that they were never going to purchase one, Molodich exclaimed, “You show me a farm, and I’ll buy it!” The next farm they visited is still the home of Molodich Farms in Moosup, CT. [Read more…]

The 42nd Annual Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair

CN-MR-38-3-Sheep-and-woolcraft7411by Laura Rodley

The four Hs in 4-H stand for head, heart, hands and health. The 4-Hers that exhibited at the 42nd annual Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair also learned kindness and patience. 4-H is geared for children age six through 18. Three-year-old Asa Johnson of Owl Ridge Farm in New Braintree, MA was too young to compete, but wanted to help Georgianna Springstube of West Stockbridge, MA exhibit her Shetland lamb ewe in the junior ewe class. [Read more…]

Manufacturing in NYS to get helping hand from Congress

CW-GO-MR-3-Candellas3by Pat Malin
MARCY, NY — Whether New Yorkers have manufactured cheese, guns and ammunition, air conditioners, automobiles and quality wines or put up skyscrapers during the last century, their talents and inventiveness helped fashion New York’s reputation as “The Empire State.”

That image has faded over the last few decades as manufacturing jobs slowly diminished, manufacturers faced increased competition from cheap imports or production facilities moved overseas in search of reduced labor costs. [Read more…]