Agrarian Learning Center connects globally with inaugural event

ce-mr-2-agrarian-learning-center1216by Troy Bishopp

HUDSON, NY — Farmer and Author, Shannon Hayes aptly engaged the belief that a strong community is built around local farmers, food and the stewardship of the land. On Nov. 4, the Agrarian Learning Center celebrated this sentiment by hosting a farm to table dinner and global event titled: “Eat It, Wear It, Regenerate It, Igniting a Consumer Revolution.” The result — world-wide connection with like-minded farmers, communities and consumers. [Read more…]

Fiber farm finds niche in unexpected market

ce-mr-1-paca-gardens7938by Samantha Graves

Theresa McEvoy, who co-owns and operates an alpaca farm and retail space with her husband Andy in Little Falls, NY, first became interested in alpacas when she visited a farm in nearby Oppenheim. “I went on a farm visit in 2002 and fell in love,” she said. McEvoy enjoyed that initial visit so much that she spent the next two years working on the farm gleaning all she could about caring for the animals. [Read more…]

Automating the dairy

cm-mr-3-automating-biehl431-copyby Tamara Scully

Brad and Brooke Biehl, and their young children joined his family’s dairy operation and found a way of making it viable for the next generation. The farm consists of 230 acres, with 120 milking, 125 young stock and 25 dry cows in the herd. Biehl, an engineer who has a natural affinity for technology, joined the dairy full-time in 2014, and forged a partnership with AMS Galaxy USA. [Read more…]

The presence of phosphorus

cw-mr-3-presence-of-p-6221by Laura Rodley

Phosphorus (P), life enhancing and necessary for healthy plant growth and for bone strength in animals and people. It is added to animal feeds to help them grow and added to soil in fertilizers to help plants grow. When fields are spread with manure, more P comes along with it. It also can flow into abutting streams and waterways. [Read more…]