Minerals and management factors that impact forage quality

CM-MR-37-3-Minerals-and-management0650USEby Steve Wagner

Dr. Silvia Abel-Caines holds a Master’s Degree in ruminant nutrition, a PhD in large animal veterinary science and another doctorate in Immunology, and for two days moved among us at the Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP) Cooperative Regional Agronomics School. (CROPP is known for their Organic Valley® label).

Soil health is Albel-Caines passion. “I like to make the connection between the health of the soil, the quality of the grass, and how the cow gets healthy as she eats what is intended for her nature,” said Abel-Caines, who places equal value on human nutrition. [Read more…]

You know it’s American-grown when you pick your own

CN-MR-38-2-Dame-Farm6234by Kristen M. Castrataro

What do you do when your available farmland decreases by 70 percent in one year, and the remaining 30 percent is half woodlands or stone fields? If you’re Jay, Darlene, Justin and Amy Dame in Johnston, RI, you turn to pick-your-own.

Ancestors of the Dame family, the Browns, have lived on the current farm since the 1840s. At that time, the farm had a few cows but primarily sustained itself as a market garden farm selling to local Mom and Pop stores. [Read more…]

Fifteenth annual Strolling of the Heifers

CN-MR-41-3-Fifteenth-Annual-Strolling-7567by Laura Rodley

Thousands attended the 15th annual Strolling of the Heifers last month. The event is great for Brattleboro Vermont’s businesses where the three-day event is held, great for agriculture, great for cows, great for 4-H clubs and great for the children who led the parade with their cows and calves.

Charlie Robb Sr. of Robb Family Farm in West Brattleboro drove his John Deere tractor with his wife Helen beside him, pulling the Stroll float toward the beginning of Saturday’s parade, after the heifers. [Read more…]

Cowside diagnostics

by Sally Colby

Veterinarian Trent Lartz believes that cattlemen can do a lot of their own diagnostic work, and what they observe and record will help their herd veterinarian do a better job for them.

“What’s the number one diagnostic tool?” asked Lartz. “It’s the thermometer. It tells us a lot about what’s going on.”

Lartz says the normal body temperature of mature cattle ranges between 100.4 and 102.8; depending on time of year. [Read more…]

Franklin County Farm Bureau’s Inaugural Tractor Ride

CN-MR-36-3-Inaugural-Franklin1-Country-8229by Laura Rodley

The weather was perfect for haying; dry and sunny, with a couple consecutive days beyond for drying the cut grass. But David Freeman had something else in mind for his 1958 Ford Workmaster tractor. He unhitched it in the morning and rode it in the Franklin County Farm Bureau (FCFB)’s Inaugural Tractor Ride, joining 21 other tractors for the June 25 event. And he still planned on haying that afternoon, despite the 30-mile ride back and forth from his hometown in Heath, MA to nearby the Hilltowns. [Read more…]