Maple Lane Farms: a full-service enterprise

cn-mr-54-2-maple-lane-farms-6578by Kristen M. Castrataro

In 1935, in the middle of the Great Depression, Stanley Higgins bought a farm in Charleston, Maine for the sum of $1,500. Today, Maple Lane Farms is run by Higgin’s grandson, Barry, and Barry’s son and daughter. It is home to a 130-head dairy operation, a state-of-the-art slaughter and smoking facility, and Central Maine Team Penning. [Read more…]

Lucky B Farms

cn-mr-33-3-lucky-b-farm-oxen-useby Laura Rodley
The chickens at Lucky B Farm lay their eggs according to the sun’s schedule. At peak season in summer, they lay 12 to 15 dozen a day. Right now as the sun sets lower in the sky earlier at night, they are laying three dozen eggs a day. As their laying schedule is determined solely by natural light, there are no lights kept on in their shed at night.

“I like my birds to be natural,” said farm owner Dennis Bruffee, best known as Denny. He bought the farm in 1984. [Read more…]

Family Farm Days promote agritourism

ce-mr-4-family-farm-days12by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Agritourism is becoming more and more popular, with more farms opening their doors to the public, inviting folks in to see how things work on their farms and to be educated and entertained. [Read more…]

Ohio Red and White claims Supreme Cow honors at AADS

cw-mr-1-ohio-red-and-whiteHARRISBURG, PA — Meadow Green Abso Fanny–Red–ET, owned and exhibited by Frank Borba, Mike Berry and Triple-T Holsteins of North Lewisburg, Ohio, was named Supreme Champion to conclude the 2016 All-American Dairy Show on Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

The 5-year-old rose above all of the cattle, representing seven dairy breeds, to earn the title of Supreme Cow. This is the second year a Red and White Cow has claimed this honor. The Supreme Champion Award was sponsored by Cargill of Shippensburg, Cumberland County. [Read more…]

Farm Aid 2016

cf4-pp-farm-aid-3by Dan Wren
Farm Aid’s mission is to build a vibrant, family farm-centered system of agriculture in America. It’s a great concert, but what’s in it for farmers?

For the past 31 years, musical greats and Farm Aid board members Dave Matthews, John Mellencamp,Willie Nelson and Neil Young (alphabetic order to avoid any discussion on who’s music is better), have produced a music and food festival to celebrate and support family farms and promote local foods. [Read more…]