Fonda Fair still focused on agriculture

ce-mr-5-fonda-fair405by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Montgomery County Agriculture Society Fonda Fair celebrated its 175th anniversary with this year’s event.

“Fonda Fair has increased it agricultural focus,” said Elma Phillips, of Dellavale Farm, where four generations have been dairying. “Some people are going into the niche markets with smaller animals; goats, sheep, pigs, and showing in those events.” [Read more…]

Cayuga County 4-H members participate in the 2016 NY State Fair

cw-ff-32-6-state-fair-youth1cThe New York State Fair Youth Hereford Beef Show and Youth Showmanship took place on Thursday, Aug. 25 and Friday, Aug. 26. We were thrilled to have one exhibitor participate in these events this year, as this has been a successful result of the revitalization of our local 4-H beef program. [Read more…]

Nothing but forage

cm-mr-54-2-sandy-springs-dairy-9622by Sally Colby

Dairy farmers who have adopted grazing as part of a feeding system know that grazing isn’t a simple matter of opening a gate to a pasture. Grazing that’s part of a feed program takes a lot of planning and effort throughout the year to maintain successful production. [Read more…]