Handling large bales safely

CN-MR-2-Large bales6213by Sally Colby
During baling season, time is at a premium and it’s easy for farmers to skip safety measures. But handling large round bales that weigh 700 to 800 pounds can be a dangerous and potentially deadly task.
Jim Carrabba, agricultural safety specialist with NYCAMH (New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health), has some tips for farmers who are working with large round bales.
Performing an operator’s check of all equipment prior to working with bales may prevent injury or even save a life. “We recommend a 360 degree walk around each machine before each use,” said Carrabba. “Check all the hydraulic hoses to make sure that they are not cracked, broken or worn. Look under the machine for puddles of fluid that would indicate a leak or a broken hose. Look for hydraulic fluid on the machine itself that might indicate a leak.” Carrabba explained an injury called high pressure injection injury, which is the result of a hydraulic hose that has a pinhole leak. “It can inject the fluid right into the person’s body. It’s a dangerous injury.” [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor- Has Congress failed the dairy farmer once again?

Has Congress failed the dairy farmer once again?
Certainly Congress has the American Dairy Farmer in their crosshairs! (Or maybe in shackles!) It’s time that Congress pulls the trigger and does something realistic for the dairy farmers; and we don’t mean any fiscal handouts for the dairymen.
The passage of the Goodlatte-Scott Amendment in the House prevents the undesirable supply management part of the Dairy Security Act from being in the proposed House version of the Farm Bill. [Read more…]

Prominent livestock judging contest continues

CM-MR-4-Prominent livestock 4by Rebecca Long Chaney
TIMONIUM, MD — More than 80 4-H members from four states gathered at the Maryland State Fairgrounds for the first Maryland Invitational Livestock Judging Contest.
For the past 15 years the Gene and Charlotte Mullinix family hosted the prominent Cattail Classic Regional Livestock Judging Competition at their farm in Woodbine, MD. The original brainchild of eldest son Chris Mullinix, Livestock Judging coach and associate professor of agriculture at Butler Community College in El Dorado, KS. Mullinix drove his judging team back to Maryland for 15 years to pull off one of the most competitive livestock judging competitions on the East Coast. [Read more…]

Diemand Farm

CN-MR-2-Diemand 1by Laura Rodley
What came first, the chicken or the egg? For Wendell, MA residents it was definitely the egg that came first, at the 200 acre Diemand Farm on Mormon Hollow Road, providing eggs for locals and stores since 1936. Currently sisters Anne Diemand-Bucci, Faith Diemand, and their brother Peter Diemand own the farm, selling hand-packed chicken, eggs and free range turkeys all raised with no growth enhancers, additives, hormones or antibiotics. They also sell a vast array of soups and meals to heat up, filling two display refrigerators and five freezers. [Read more…]

Schnecksville Fair 2013 winners listed

CM-MR-2-Sch Fair 1The 30th Annual Schnecksville Community Fair recently took place in Schnecksville, PA, just seven miles north of Allentown in Lehigh County. The hard work of more than 100 volunteers brings this fair to life each year. Over 1,700 competitive items, including 619 animals, were entered. The theme of the fair was ‘Harvest Your Dreams.’
For the past few years the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has been recognizing ‘Outstanding Fair Ambassadors’ as they visit the many fairs in the state. At the opening ceremony held on Monday evening Mr. Boots Hetherington, Fair Fund administrator, presented Steve Reppert, Schnecksville, with this award. Steve has been involved with the fair for eight years, serving on the board of directors and maintaining the fair website. [Read more…]